SV133 Filters Wheel 1.25'' Multiple 5-Position

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The SVBONY SV133 is suitable for 1.25-inch eyepieces and for viewing with a T2-fitted single-lens reflex camera and CCD camera. Filters can be replaced very quickly, even when the camera is installed or the eyepiece is inserted.

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Svbony 1.25‘’ filter wheel.jpg

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1.25‘’ filter wheel.jpg

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Model W9103A
Size 1.25''
Type Manual
Color Black
Net Weight 351.5g / 12.4oz

1. High-quality telescope filter wheel allows you to quickly and easily change

2. The robustly constructed filter wheel is supplied with a 1.25" eyepiece adapter, 1.25" focuser nosepiece, T-2 camera adapter and locking ring and 42mm metal dust cap

3. M28.5X0.6 standard filter interface

4. The filter wheel can be attached to your focuser either by the supplied 1.25" nosepiece adapter or via a T-thread

5. The Filter Wheel features a helpful number system that allows you to quickly place the filter of your choice into the light path

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