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SV137 Barlow Lens 2x/3x 1.25Inch FMC Internal Brass Ring Fully Multi Coated Telescope Accessory

SKU: W9106
US$ 15.99
  • Fashion appearance;Different from the black that is common in the market;The silvery look makes the product look more stylish;The overall appearance is beautiful and upscale
    Brass compression ring design; A brass compression ring can protect your eyepiece from marring or scratching the barrel; Keeping your eyepiece in new looking
    Lens edges is blackened; The edge of the mirror is matted black; Reduce scattering of stray light and maximize contrast
    Non-slip rubber grip ring design; No slip prevent the barlow lens from falling off accidentally; Rubber grip ring for secure handling even in moist conditions
    Fully multi-coated lenses;The lens fully multi-coated provide a sharp view; Excellent optical performance with high contrast and high resolution
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3x barlow

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SV137 1.25Inch FMC Internal Brass Ring 3x Barlow Review

The SV137 1.25Inch FMC Internal Brass Ring 3x Barlow, is very nice to look and feel it out of the box. Also the design and build quality is very good and light in weight. It's really great to see it comes with multi coated optics. The SV137 1.25Inch FMC Internal Brass Ring 3x Barlow is great value for money, and it will be a great edition to anyone's eyepiece collection.
Model W9106A W9106D
Magnification 2x 3x
Coating Fully Multi-coated Fully Multi-coated
Edges of the Lens Blackened Blackened
Eyepiece Protect Internal brass ring Internal brass ring
Net weight 90g / 0.19lb / 3.17oz  96g / 0.21lb / 3.38oz
  • Standard 1.25 inches;Quality SVBONY SV137 1.25-Inch 2x Barlow Lens doubles the magnification of any 1. 25" Eyepiece
  • Double glued lens set;The true FMC coating process ensures that each exposed air lens surface is fully broadband coated to ensure adequate transmission and image quality
  • The Edges of the lenses are blackened; The lens is matte blackened on the edges and matte painted on the inner walls; which can effectively suppress the stray light interference and reflection;and offer up bright sharp images;The large nut lock screw is convenient for quick insertion and locking
  • User-friendly design;Anti-slip ring design to prevent accidental drop damage; a pair of dust cover is provided to prevent foreign matter from entering the contact lens and prolong product life
  • Brass ring design;The built-in brass pressure ring on the eyepiece insertion end ensures that the inserted high-end eyepiece lens body surface is not accidentally scratched

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