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SV161 1.25'' Double Helical Focuser for Telescope

SKU: F9173A
US$ 34.99

Svbony SV161 1.25'' double helical focuser with 0.05mm scale for telescope lenses or finder scope.

Connect SV150 adapter to different telescope threads.

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Model SV161
Inner diameter 1.25"
Stroke 10mm
Adjustment Accuracy 0.05mm
Top Male Thread M42x0.75
Bottom Male Thread M31*0.5
Minimum Height 43mm
Longest Height 53mm

1. Aerospace Aluminum Alloy Material Precision CNC Machining Technology Frosted and Anodized Housing Anti-skid brass screw

2. The Focuser has a fixed orientation - so there is no rotation of mounted cameras or eyepieces - or also the field of view with your guide star - when focusing

3. The double-helical focuser for guider scope/finder scope Interface. The solution for telescopes or telephoto lenses with sluggish focusing

4. SV161 has an M31*0.5 male thread that can be connected with SV150

5. SV161 has M42x0.75 male thread on its top, it can be connected with camera adapters for Canon or Nikon, which sold separately

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