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SV165 Mini Guider Scope 30mm/120mm F4

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Compact versatile 30mm aperture guide scope with a built-in helical focuser for precise of potential guide stars.

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Impressive performance

Put it on my TS60/360 to use it primarily as electronic finder scope and for plate solving. Lightweighted but solid and compact with sharp picture. Have to substract one star for the fact, that it cannot be fine aligned. One millimeter more space in the rings and a cross screw connection would improve it significantly and it could then also be used as finder scope in combination with an illuminated eyepiece and diagonal prism.

Perfect Guider Scope, but not to use as simple finder without extension!

Astonishing quality for a good price. But you can only use it with a camera! If you want to use it just with bare eyes, you need extras, focus extender, focuser, eyepiece. Please Svbony tell your customers which extras to take for that use and give the links to the products in your shop! And thanks a lot that you are packing so environment-friendly without too much waste!

Pocket Rocket

You really do not need any other guide scope than this little pocket rocket. It's light, beautifully sharp optics, solidly made and being F4 it has a nice field of view. Seriously, this little guide scope is exquisite 👌
Model  SV165
Aperture  30mm
Focal length 120mm
Focal Ratio F4
Hoop and Mount Yes
Tube travel 45mm
Back Focus Length 26mm
Mount UNC 1/4-20
Material Aluminum
Surface technology Sandblasting oxidation

1. Features precise helical focus adjustment with convenient thumbscrew focus lock

2. Compact and with a built-in helical focuser for precise focusing of potential guide stars

3. UNC(1/4-20)-mount equipped for secure threaded attachment of autoguide devices

4. SV165 can ensure that the main mirror accurately tracks the celestial body to be observed and matches perfectly with today's sensitive autoguiding cameras for easy guide star acquisition

5. Will need an extension tube for extra focal length if you want to use eyepiece.

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