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SV179 Red Dot Finder Scope for Astronomical Telescope

SKU: W9139
US$ 12.99

SV179 red dot reflex viewfinder simple, affordable, and effective red dot sighting device makes aiming your telescope.

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Model W9139A W9139B
Type Two Hole Fixing Dovetail Base Type
Material Plastic Plastic
Color Black Black
Net Weight 72g/2.52oz 70.0g / 2.47oz
Note Main be fit for Celestron 80EQ SE SLT PS Series and Meade Infinity and Polaris and so on Series Astronomical Telescope  (Note: Meade Infinity Series:80AZ 90AZ 102AZ and Polaris Series: 80EQ 90EQ not applicable) This Red Dot Finder Scope for CELESTRON 80EQ 80DX 90DX  SE SLT OMNI Series and so on Astronomical Telescopes

1. Have variable brightness levels

2. Fully adjustable up and down left and right

3. LED dot is projected onto a non-magnifying viewing window so you can aim the main telescope quickly and easily

4. Red Dot Finder Scope top part can be removed and used as a replacement for many other red dot finders found on Skywatcher and Celestron telescopes

5. W9139A is an easy upgrade to the optical finders that are usually found on 4.5" and 6" reflectors and many refractors as it is a straight replacement, mounting holes size: 10*7mm (L*W)

How to use a red dot finder:

1. First of all pull out the clear plastic sheet that is at the front and on the bottom - you can see this in one of the photos. This allows the battery to make contact so that the red dot appears when you switch it on. 

2. Next, try the finder by switching it on with the small rotary control on the side. Look through the hole at the front of the finder and you should see the red dot and be able to make it brighter or dimmer by using that rotary control which is also the on/off switch.

3. Now set your scope up as normal but put the red dot finder on instead of the usual optical finder.

4. Point your telescope to something like a TV aerial or a chimney - anything about that size will do, and the further away the better.  Looking through a low power eyepiece (25mm is ideal) find the object by adjusting your telescope and focus the object.  Adjust the mount using the slow motion controls so that the object is right in the center of the view.

5. Adjust the finder so that the red dot is exactly on the object you were looking at. You can adjust it by using the two larger wheels.  The one on the right at the front does the left/right direction and the one at the back on the bottom does the up and down.

6. Switch it off and wait until dark

7. You now use it by switching the finder on, then looking through the finder so that the red dot lines up on to the target you are going to observe through your telescope.  Once the red dot is exactly over the star or planet it should be exactly in the center of your eyepiece view.

8. Remember to switch it off once you have found your target to save the battery.

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