Svbony SV181 1.25'' Rack Pinion Newtonian Reflector Focuser

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Svbony SV181 fully metal 1.25'' R&P Newtonian reflector focuser with 65mm focuser travel. Very popular DIY accessory.

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SV181 1.25'' focuser for newtonian reflector.jpg

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Model SV181
Focuser Type Rack Pinion Design
The focuser tube 105mm
Focuser Travel 65mm
Eyepiece adapter 1.25''
Material Metal
Suitable for 114mm-150mm Newtonian reflector telescope

1. 1.25‘’ eyepiece adapter suitable for 1.25'' eyepiece

2. You can adjust the focal length by the gear, and fine tuning more accuracy

3. Internal brass ring that the set screw hits to hold your 1.25'' eyepiece inside for eliminates marks on your eyepiece barrel

4. The inside of the item fully threaded to minimize reflections

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