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SV192 Dew Heater 12V for Telescopes and Lens

SKU: W9151
US$ 25.99

1. Measure the circumference of the telescope tube or camera lens (or measure the tube diameter - not the scope aperture - ×3.14).

2. The heating element provides even heat distribution.

3. The power-efficient design will not result in an extra drain on your power supply.

4. SV192 prevents dew condensation from forming on the glass surface.

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Model SV192
SKU W9151A W9151B
Dew Heater belt size 480×50mm 560×50mm​
Dew Heater strip length (approx.) 640mm 720mm​
Interface Type 5.5×2.1​
Input Voltage 12V
Input current 1.7A±0.1A​
Power 19.2W-21.6W​
Adjustable temperature​ Yes
Strip material​ imitated OK cloth + SBR + Black-T + aluminum film + Cotton​
Power Cord Length 1m
The material of the power cord​ TPE Silica​
Net weight​ 65g/2.28oz​​ 72g / 2.53oz​​

1. 5.5X2.1 female interface design,easy connected to various 12V power inputs;

2. Protecting optical equipment such as telescopes from fogging or freezing. Compatible with astronomical primary mirrors of OD below 152mm(178mm) or Camera Lenses;

3. Three-speed regulator with medium-weak heating mode. You can adjust the temperature according to different usage requirements. Super-fast continuous heating, quick start heating;

4. The width of the 50mm belt will not interfere with focusing, and will not produce vignetting in the field of view;

5. Great heat preservation effect: imitating OK cloth, SBR, and Black-T three-layer heat preservation material, reducing heat dissipation, and no wrinkles on the inner surface after bending;

6. Uniform heating: the built-in aluminum film has a uniform heating surface and no dead ends;

7. TPE Silica power cord under low temperature won't become hard, also prevents internal short circuits.

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