SV198 Mini 50mm Guiding Scope Deluxe Finder Scope with Dual Helical Focuser for Guiding and Searching.

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SV198 Mini 50mm Guiding Scope for Astrophotography

SKU: W9155A
US$ 149.99
  • 50mm aperture; large diameter objective lens collects more light; the target in the field of view is clearer; convenient to find a target in the sky
  • Connect telescope camera; as a guide scope can be used with other accessories to easily achieve automatic star guidance
  • Connect Eyepiece; as a right-angle correct-image optical finder scope (Eyepieces and Prism Diagonal sold separately)
  • Fully multi-coated glass; multi layer broadband anti reflection coating double glue lens; well made edge coating; higher contrast and clearer field of view
  • Fine focusing; double spiral fine focusing and pull out coarse focusing structure; simple structure and convenient operation

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A very versatile guidescope

I received this little guider and was amazed by how versatile it is! It can be a finder (by pluggin in a 90º prism and eyepiece) and a guider. The build quality is excepcional, all metal. The lens have a very nice antireflex coating and there is a baffle inside for cutting down stray light. The equipment arrived in Brazil in perfect conditions, the packaging is made of some kind of foam, with cutouts for the dovetail, rings, guider and screws. The plastic pointed screws are a nice touch, so it will not scratch the guider tube. The images are very crisp and I had no problems in guiding my 8" GSO RC at 1610mm of focal distance with this guider. I can recommend it.
Model SV198
Type of Optics Achromat Refractor
Lens Structure 2-Elements/ 1Groups
Tube material Aluminum
Aperture 50mm / 1.97in
Focal ratio f/4.1
Focal Length 206.6mm / 8.13in
Coating Fully multi-coated
Blackened Lens Edges Yes
Focuser Dual Helical + Telescopic Design
Dual Helical Focuser Focusing stroke 11mm
Focusing seat accuracy (Dual Helical Focusing) 0.1mm
Rough Focusing stroke 38mm
Focusing seat accuracy (Rough Focusing) 1mm
Connection thread to Eyepiece 1.25" and T2
Base installation type Vixen standard interface
Tube diameter 55.5mm
Dew cap diameter 58mm
Total Length 223mm
Net Weight 770g / 28.1oz

The SV198 50mm aperture guide scope with a built-in dual helical focuser is known for its versatility, let alone the lightweight. Together, all of those make SV198 a perfect tool for guiding, searching, and spotting. The full multi-coated achromat glass brings excellent optical performance, makes it great for both sharpness and color. BTW, it also could be used as a right-angle correct-image optical finder scope (Eyepieces and Prism Diagonal sold separately).

The package includes:

  • SV198 50mm f/4.1 mini Guide Scope
  • Two-Ring bracket with a dovetail
  • 6PCS Nylon-tipped thumbscrews
  • 25" Dust Cover
  • Lens Cover

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