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SV205 Electronic Camera IMX415 for Telescope Astrophotography 8MP USB3.0

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Svbony SV205 with SONY IMX415 CMOS sensor and USB3.0 Type-B port. It complies with the standard UVC protocol and no need to install SVBONY driver. It is the plug and play device, suitable for beginner users for astronomy photography.

The image sensor uses dark light compensation technology to greatly improve the camera's image clarity in low light conditions;

In MJPG video format;you can record video quickly and the frame rate up to 30FPS at 2K resolution 1920x1080; You can also choose YUV uncompressed video format;

The camera allows you to capture a real-time video and transport to your laptop or PC;machined aluminum 1.25" adapter barrel for direct threaded connection to almost any telescope.

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               SV205 8MP USB3.0 Electronic Eyepiece Camera 1.25''  For Astronomy Photography             

                 SV205 is a primary planetary camera, ideal for photographing the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn and binary stars.  It is also suitable for observing some bright deep space objects. 

Svbony SV205 Camera


  •            1/2.8COMS Sensor

  •                  The iteratived SV205 with IMX415 sensor, which is 8.29 Mega Pixels with a resolution 3840x 2160 under ideal conditions. In order to fixing the Pixel Vignetting

  •                  color issue on the original version SV205 camera, we cut the new one out of some pixels, the parameter will be 7.05MP with 3264x2160, pixel size is adjusted

  •                  to 1.45µmx1.45µm.

                     This newly developed IMX415 stacked CMOS image sensor uses Sony's unique high-sensitivity, low-noise technology to reduce the pixel size to 1.45 square

  •                  microns, approximately 80% smaller than the previous generation IMX274, creating a record-breaking 1/2.8-inch stacked 4K CMOS image sensor and with

  •                  excellent low-light performance.

           Camera Interface

                 Machined aluminum 1.25" adapter barrel,the thread can be connected to any telescope.

  •             Detachable Protective Window glass

                 The camera comes with built-in UV IR cut filter. And it is screw on inside the camera nose. which reach a high transmittance of more than 96% in the visible light

                 range of 400-700nm. When imaging celestial images in the visible light range, a balanced color can be obtained. You can remove the protective glass at the front

                 of the camera if you want to image infrared or ultraviolet bands, connect it with a 1.25-inch extension tube, and connect IR685, IR850 or UV-Venus filter to achieve

                 different imaging experiences.

sv205 sensor.jpg

SV205 specification


               1.Computer configuration requirements:
               1) The configuration of desktop computer is not less than Intel 4 generation i5, and the memory is not less than 4G.
               2) Laptop configuration is not less than Intel 6 generation i5, memory is not less than 8g.
               2. The SV205 camera is best used with a refractor or reflector telescope.  It is not recommend for taking images through the eyepiece of a telescope. 

               You may also require additional accessories and filters to get the best results. You need to buy an eyepiece projection adapter if would like to use the SV205

               camera to capture images through telescope eyepiece. 

Svbony SV205 Camera

Svbony SV205 Camera

SV205 Camera Work with Android Blog

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it’s a great product though!

Easy install on windows. This is my second svbony camera, my first was the 105 which was awesome. This one is just as awesome + it’s higher resolution, so it’s..... awesomer? Don’t think about it, just buy it. The support team is fantastic about any questions you may have so this is really a low risk investment. Compare the cost to a dslr and a telescope adapter.

sv205 camera glass

My sv205 camera glass broke, does SVBONY sell this dust protection glass? Is this glass common or does it have a filter function? UV filter type? I await the answer. Thank you so much. Fabio Batista. Brazil.
Model SV205
Color Camera Yes
Image Sensor 1/2.8” COMS Sensor
Sensor Model SONY IMX415
Image Resolution 7.05 Mega Pixels (3264*2160)
USB Type USB 3.0
Pixel Size 1.45μm X 1.45μm
Shutter Electronic Rolling Shutter
Exposure Time 15ms-1000ms
Gain 0-120
Maximum Frame Rate(YUY2) 30fps  MJPG 1920*1080
15fps  YUY2 3264*2160
ADC 10 bit
Filter IR Cut Filter
Interface Type Standard UVC protocol
Cable Length 1.8m
Weight 100g
Support System Windows, Linux, Android, Raspberry Pi OS
Support Telescope Telescope with 1.25 inch diagonal base hole
Power Consumption 230MA@5V
Cable Length 1.8m
Working Humidity 30%-80%
Storage Humidity 20%-90%
Operating Temperature 0℃ to +50℃
Storage Temperature -10℃ to +60℃

>Windows system with Sharpcap software for Windows

>Linux system and Raspberry Pi system with AstroDMx capture for Linux

Android with USB Camera

Download 【USB Camera】 in your android APP Store

Notice: SV205 is not compatible with N.I.N.A

Pls don't connect to the Mac system for poor compatibility.

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