SV208 8x50 Straight-Through Correct Image Finder Scope with Illuminated

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  • 8x50 finder scope; 50mm large objective lens enables more light to enter; providing a bright image; making it easy to aim anywhere in the sky; a large field of view of 7.3 degrees
  • Erect image and humanized design; built-in BK7 correct-image roof prism ensures right-side-up; left-to-right correct views; which is in line with the basic observation habits of people
  • Dark field illumination function; under extremely dark observation conditions; the red LED illuminator can illuminate the reticle; assist observation and facilitate finding the target
  • Glass reticle; the glass reticle has higher seismic stability; high precision and long service life; at the same time effectively avoids the problem of the cross line blocking the target
  • Objective lens thread focus and reticle parallax compensation adjustment; ensure the target and the reticle are in the same focal plane; angle adjustment control knob can adjust the reticle and observation angle
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Model SV208
Lens Diameter 50mm
Focal Length 185mm
Magnification 8x
Eye Relief 21mm
Exit Pupil  6.25mm
Field of View 7.3°
Lens coating FMC
Image Orientation Correct-image
Cross-hair Optical Reticle
Illuminated Yes
Angle Adjustment Yes
Objective  Achromatic 2-Element
Adjustable focus Yes 
Net Weight 632.5g / 1.395b / 23.21oz

1. Decent image sharpness and comfortably and precisely navigate and locate the desired object in the night sky;2. FMC coating lens surfaces brings less light loss;
3. Adjustable Brightness LED Illuminator: Make the object much more apparent against the dark background;
4. Large field of view FOV: The eyepiece has comfortable eye relief and produces a 7.3 degrees field of view;
5. Focusing of lens and crosshair separately possible: Both the eyepiece and the main objective can be focused independently so that you can obtain perfect focus for your eyes;
6. Power supply by 2pcs coin battery type LR754.

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