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SVBONY SV209 Field Flattener 1.0x for SV550 80F6 Astrophotography M63x1 Connection Black

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The corrector is suitable for SV550 80F6. 75 filter thread for the use of 2" filters in the camera adapter. Maximum working distance from the M63x1 internal thread: 103 mm - space enough for almost all adaptations.

Notice: Since the SV550 80 APO is designed with f/6 focus ratio. When reducing the focus further, the image quality will not be guaranteed. This is why we produce 1.0x flat field instead of 0.8x. 

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SV209 1.0x Flattener Corrects the Field for SV550 80F6 Astrophotography

field flattener for sv550 80.jpg

The Calculation Method of 55mm Back Intercept

First unscrew the 2-inch adapter ring of the SV550 80mm APO, and then connect the three parts of the field flattener. The installation sequence of the three parts is shown in the figure above(don't confuse the order) . Then connect the mount (not included) and camera compatible with Canon to shoot.

field flattener structure.jpg

SV550 80 OTA Field Flattener

Most astronomical telescopes have a certain field curvature problem, which can be improved with SV209. The SV209 is a special field flattener for SV550 80F6 OTA, which can effectively improve the field curvature of fringe field images. Great for astrophotography.

M63 Extension Tube

Equipped with M63 extension tube and M48 adapter ring to ensure that the back focal length of the field flattener is 55mm in astronomical tradition.

Thread size: M63x1 male thread

sv209 for sv550 80.jpg

M48 Adapter Ring

Built-in 2-inch filter mounting threads support 2-inch filter mounting.

By connecting the adapter ring, you can match any 2-inch filter you need to meet your different shooting needs.

Connectable CAA Field Conditioner

SV209 can be installed to create flat images. At the same time, it can be installed in combination with the SV210 (sold separately) to adjust the field of view of the image.

sv209 with 2 inch interface.jpg

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Works Very Well !

Well made reducer, works exceedingly well on my SVbony refractors. I have both the 80ED and the 122 APO, each with it's own SVbony 0.8x reducer.

Must have accessory for SV550

If you want to delve into Astro photography, this is a must have. It gives you a flat field for round stars across the frame without sacrificing focal length. If you want to use the scope for visual only, this is still a must have. It’s hard to describe the difference it makes to have the full image flat but it’s like the difference between looking at fish in an aquarium and on a 4K TV. The quality of what you’re seeing isn’t better, it’s just different on how it gets to your eyes. Great product!!


Model SV209
Additional Thread M63x1 female thread for photo adaptions
Connection at Telescope Side M63x1 male thread
Connection 1 at Camera Side M63x1 thread female - working distance 103 mm
Connection 2 at Camera Side M48x0.75 male thread - working distance 55 mm or 91.5 mm
Fully Illuminated Field 45 mm(Support Full Frame Sensors)
Number of Elements 2 lenses
Factor 1.0 - no change of focal length to the focal plane
Coating FMC
Diameter of the Housing 67mm
Length 87.5 mm without the male thread


1. SV550 80 OTA Field Flattener
2. M63 Extension Tube
3. M48 Adapter Ring
4. Connectable CAA Field Conditioner
5. FMC Coating
6. 2-inch Interface
7. Effectively Improving the Field Curvature Problem at the Edge of the Image

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