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SV218 Universal Cell Phone Adapter Mount

SKU: W9169A
US$ 19.99

1.The SV218 Compatible with binoculars, monoculars, spotting scope, microscopes or astronomical telescopes. Lens size 38.5 – 43mm. 
2.Connect multiple brands of smartphones to take pictures. iPhone, Samsung, etc. Ultra wide width range: 62 – 105 mm.
3.Made of high quality ABS and metal, eco-friendly and durable.

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SKU/Model​ W9169A/SV218
Product color​ black​
product weight​ 77g
Product Size​ 140X80MM
product material​ ABS/rubber/metal​
Standard configuration​ Bracket, manual​
Product applicable​ SV28 Sv14 sv17  sv403 sv411. SV202 SM402etc
support mobile phone​ Within the range of mobile phone width 62-105mm​
chassis size​ 38.5-49.3mm (plus or minus 1mm)​

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