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SV305Pro AR Coating Astronomy Camera with 1.25inch Filters

SKU: F9198C
US$ 199.99

The SV305Pro ARcoating allows full-spectrum light to through.You can add the filter to block UV/IR light. Provides the best color balance and sharpness. It can shoot the color moon, Saturn, Jupiter, etc.Or detach the filter in the low-light environment to allow more light information.

Sv305Pro AR antireflection glass version has high near-infrared light transmittance. With IR685 filter, it can use near-infrared light to shoot planets, reduce the impact of visibility, and obtain stable shooting results. It can shoot the moon, astronomical stars and other stars with obvious effect.

Sv305Pro AR antireflection glass version with Sv199 atmospheric color difference correction mirror can greatly improve the impact of atmospheric dispersion and obtain excellent shooting results. It can shoot the moon, planets and other objects.

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Model F9127A
Size 1.25''
Thread M28.5*0.6
Type UV IR cut filter
Model SV305 Pro
Sensor 1/2.8" CMOS Color
Sensor Model SONY IMX290
Pixel Size 2.9µmx2.9µm
 Resolution 2MPixels(1920*1080@120FPS)360*240@260fps
USB Type USB3.0
Shutter Electronic Rolling Shutter
Exposure Time 1ms~30min
Gain Automatic/Manual
Maximum Frame Rate 120FPS(1920*1080) 
ADC 10 bit/12 bit Out 8 bit/12 bit
Filter AIR filter​
Support OS Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi & Mac OS
Support Telescope Telescope with 1.25'' diagonal base hole
Power Consumption 230mA@5V
Cable Length 2m
Working Humidity 30%-80%
Storage Humidity 20%-90%
Operating Temperature -10°C~50°C
Storage Temperature -20°C~60°C
Weight 135g
Package Length*Width*Height Ø*49.5*65mm

Filter for camera​ Connection mode​​
F9127A-1.25 inch UV/IR Cut astronomical photography filter​​ F9127A+1.25 inch extended tube + F9198C-Sv305Pro​​
W9142A-SV183 IR pass filter [1.25 inch /685nm]​ W9142A+1.25 inch extended tube + F9198C-SV305pro​
W9157B-SV199 1.25'' ADC Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector[1/4 λ]​​​​ W9157B+ F9198C-SV305Pro​​​

Svbony SV305 Pro works with Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Raspberry Pi system.  

>Windows system with Sharpcap software 3.2.6433 and latest version


>Linux system with AstroDMx capture for Linux & Raspberry Pi, Version 0.78.3 and Latest Version


>PHD2 Software for Guiding, Version v2.6.9dev1 and Latest Version


> Mac OS with AstroDMx capture for Linux  (version 0.84.7 )


UV/IR CUT filter

1. The UV IR cut filter uses the very latest coating technology to deliver the finest filtration quality and lifetime durability. If you use a DSLR camera, CCD camera, or telescope, it absolutely will be one of your best choices;

2. Color CCD cameras such as the Skyris color planetary cameras are very sensitive across the visual spectrum, as well as in infrared. Some telescopes may correct for chromatic aberration but are not designed to correct for IR light, which can often look defocused in astro-images. Blocking infrared (IR) light provides the greatest color balance and sharpness in your astro-images. This filter blocks IR while passing more than 94% of the entire visual spectrum, maintaining color fidelity.

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