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SV407 2.1x42mm Super Wide Binocular

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SV407 is a telescope designed for stargazing.

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Model SV407
Magnification 2.1x
Lens Diameter 42mm
Eye Relief 9mm
Exit Pupil 19mm
Field Angle 26°
Inter Pupillary Distance 55 - 76mm
Apparent Visual Magnitude 9.88
Size of Thread M48*0.75
Lens Coatings Fully Multi-Coated

1. 9mm Eye Relief, comfortable observing, even with glasses

2. 26-Degree Super wide field of view - observe entire constellations

3. 42mm aperture and 2.1x magnification

4. like a pair of glasses that you can observe the star fields through

5. Standard 2-inch filter thread design. Cooperate with filter to use, the effect is better

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