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SV48P Telescope 90mm F5.5 Refractor for Astronomy

SKU: F9341A
US$ 289.99

SVBONY SV48P 90mm F5.5 Refractor Telescope w/R&P Double Speed Focuser——outstanding optics, high-quality mechanical components.

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Svbony SV48P telescope planet nebula

Svbony SV48P telescope achromatic lens FMC

Svbony SV48P telescope all matt black

Svbony SV48P telescope focuser

Svbony SV48P telescope mounting rings

Svbony SV48P telescope tube length

Svbony SV48P telescope dovetail mounting plate

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Model SV48P
Optical Design Refractor
Aperture 90mm
Optic Coated FMC
Objective Lens Doublet air-spaced achromatic design
Focal Length 500mm
Focal Ratio F/5.5
Eyepiece Barrel Diameter 2-inch (w/ 1.25 inch adapter)
Focuser 2 inch R&P Double Speed Focuser
Millimeter markings on focuser drawtube Yes
360-degree rotatable Yes
Dust plug One 1.25" dust plug included
Finder scope Bracket Yes
Mount Type Dovetail Plate
Dovetail Plate Length 130mm
Net Body Weight 2730g / 96.3oz
The front cap size 109mm, thread size: M103.5×1-6h

The SV48P telescope has outstanding optics, high-quality mechanical components. The doublet air-spaced achromatic lens fully multi-coated lens provides great optical performance, maximizing light transmission while eliminating false color. The 2-inch rotatable dual-speed focuser has a smooth operation, offers you a great feel and precise adjustability. Compare to the original SV48, we bring an upgrade to SV48P this time. Now there is a bracket for the tube which makes it more stable on your mount also with the 130mm dovetail base. For the focuser, the toothed focusing knob makes it more friendly for viewing with naked eyes.  

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