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SVBONY SV48P Telescope 90mm F5.5 Refractor OTA for Deep Sky Astrophotography and Visual Astronomy

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US$ 299.99

SVBONY SV48P 90mm F5.5 Refractor Telescope w/R&P Double Speed Focuser——outstanding optics, high-quality mechanical components.

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SVBONY SV48P Telescope 90mm F5.5 Refractor OTA for Deep Sky Astrophotography and Visual Astronomy

sv48p for deep space astronomy.jpg

Dual-speed Focuser

sv48p dual speed focuser.jpg

90MM Clear Focus Scale


Dovetail Plate Include

sv48p dovetail plate.jpg

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Excellent performance and features for price range.

This relatively inexpensive telescope is surprisingly good. Although there is some chromatic aberration compared with more expensive telescopes, it's not bad and the objective lens is actually very sharp. Use good eyepieces and you're all set. The view of the Moon with a 6mm eyepiece were really nice. At the other end of magnification, the view with a 22mm eyepiece of general star fields was very pleasing. This would make an excellent scope for a young person, someone interested in general observing, or an expert who wants a grab-and-go scope or for outreach events.

A Very Nice Scope for the Price !

I have larger scopes (both reflectors and refractors), but here I was looking for something that would be smaller in size and easier to carry on my desert trips. In addition, I must admit I was rather curious to experiment and see, with my own eyes, what a less expensive scope could do in comparison to other, fancier telescopes ! The SVbony SV48p 90mm f/5.5 is described as an air spaced doublet achromat refractor telescope of 500mm focal length, with a large 2-inch rotatable Crayford double speed focuser. The term achromat refers to the fact that the optics is in part color corrected, and the 2-inch focuser is a very nice feature since it allows the use of 2” eyepieces, as well as large DSLR cameras and possibly even dedicated astro cameras of varying resolutions (as made by SVbony, RisingCam etc). The double speed (1x and 0.1x) feature on the focuser allows very precise focusing, which is done using the smaller golden knob on the side of the focuser. A set of stainless hex screws under the focuser allows in principle further fine tuning, for ex. adjustment of the focuser resistance to slippage. A large thumbscrew under the focuser allows the focus to be locked in place, thus reducing focuser tube movement as well. In addition, the whole focuser can be rotated by loosening a large thumbscrew, so that a celestial subject can be properly framed with a camera. Since this is an optical tube assembly (OTA) only, you will need to supply your own t


Model SV48P
Aperture 90mm
Optic Coated FMC
Objective Lens Doublet air spaced achromatic design
Glass​ ZF4/K9
Focal Length 500mm
Focal Ratio F/5.5
Eyepiece Barrel Diameter 2-inch (1.25-inch adapter)
Focuser 2-inch RAP Double-speed Focuser
Tube Outer Diameter 108mm
Net Body Weight 2730g / 96.3oz
Packing 490*215*230mm


1. Fully Multi-layer Coated Lens
2. 90mm Aperture
3. Focuser 1:10
4. 360-degree Rotatable
5. Dovetail Plate
6. Wide Rack Design
7. 2-inch RAP Double Speed Focuser
8. 2"-1.25" Adapter

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