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SVBONY SV502 Astronomy Telescope for Kids Gift for Exploring Moon Science Education

SKU: F9350A
US$ 48.90

Svbony sv502 Astronomy Telescope is ideal gift for children, can help children to learn more astronomical knowledge. It is made of environmental friendly materials.

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SV502 astronomical telescope.jpg

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SV502 Astronomy Telescope Svbony.jpg

SV502 Astronomy Telescope.jpg

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Model SV502
Optical System Refractive
Aperture 50mm
Focal length 360mm
Focal Ratio F7.2
Viewfinder 5x20 Optical
Eyepiece K20mm
Zenith Mirror 45-Degree Erect Image Prism 1.25"
Tripod Adjustable Table-top Aluminum
Color Orange

1. SV502 uses high-quality and environmental materials to ensure safety and stability

2. Suitable for children who have just come into contact with astronomy, and can also be used as a holiday gift for children from elders, with high-cost performance

3. The compact and portable design of the telescope makes it ideal for use by children for ground-level views and occasional astronomical observations

4. Tripod is included, when you receive it, can just use it, it's very convenient

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