SVBONY SV503 Refractor 102mm ED F7 Telescope Set for Astronomical Visual Observations

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This SV503 Telescope Set is suitable for astronomical visual observation.

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 SVBONY SV503 Refractor 102mm ED F7 Telescope Set for Astronomical Visual Observations

sv503 102ed.jpg

102mm Aperture Objective Lens

sv503 with 102 aperture.jpg

Rotate 360 Degree

sv503 102ed with 360 degree rotating.jpg

Dual Speed Focusing

sv503 102ed dual speed focuser.jpg

For Deep Sky Astrophotography

sv503 102 for deep space photography.jpg

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Model SV550 Model W2757A
Type Refractor Barrel Size  1.25"
Type of build Doublet air spaced achromatic Magnification Factor  2X
Glass Grades S-FPL51 Lens Material  Pure Optical Glass Lens
Aperture 102mm / 4.01-Inch Lens Coating  Multilayer HD Broadband Green Film
Focal length 714mm Sleeve Material  Metal
Aperture ratio f/7 Thread  M42*0.75 Pitch
Resolving capacity 1.17" Total Height  75mm
Limit value 12.1 Color  Black
Light gathering capacity 212x Total Weight  430g
Max. Useful magnification 204x
Tube weight 3.95kgs (8.6lbs)
Tube outer diameter 121mm
Tube material Aluminium
Type of build RAP (rack and pinion)
Rotating Yes
Gear reduction 1:10 Fine movement

Model W2370A Model SV182
Length along the 34mm Lens Diameter 30 mm
Width of internal slot 4.2mm Focal Length 120 mm
Horizontal length of internal slot 36.5mm Magnification 6x
Vertical length of internal slot 36.5mm Eye Relief 15mm
Can be fixed M3-M4 screw Exit Pupil 5mm
Color Black Field of View 7.5°
Weight 41g Lens coating FMC
L*W*H 45*40*25mm Objective Achromatic 2-Element
Net Weight 225g / 0.49lb / 7.92oz

Model SV188P Model W9119A
Size 1.25-Inch Length 75mm
Coatings Dielectric Dimensions (mm) 59*75mm
Reflectivity dielectric 99% coating for bright images Material Aluminum Alloy
Material Aluminum Alloy Color Black
Filter Threads M28.5*0.6 Size 2"
M4 Set Screws Yes
Net Weight 125g / 4.41oz
  1. Features
  2. FPL-51 extra-low dispersion glass ED element
    2. Dual Speed Focuser
    3. 102mm Aperture
    4. Metal Hoop
    5. ED Lens - Effectively Eliminate Chromatic Aberration
    6. Gear Ratio 1:10
    7. 360-degree Rotation

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