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SVBONY SV503 Telescope ED 70mm F6 Extra Low Dispersion Refractor OTA for Astrophotography

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This SV503 70F6 ED refractor is an ideal telescope the telescope weighs only about 2.22 kg and thanks to the retractable dew cap it is only 318mm/ 12.52in short. Included accessories: 2" to 1.25" Eyepiece adapter, Dew Shield, Lens Cover, 1.25" Dust Cover, 150mm Dovetail Plate and Optics Tube Ring. Suitable for shooting sun and moon, landscape scenery, deep space photography.

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SVBONY SV503 70F6 ED Doublet Astronomy Photography Telescope

S-FPL51 glass

Dual-Speed Rack & Pinion Focuser

1:10 focuser

Back Focus 90mm

90mm Back Focus

1.97 Arc-second Resolution

Compatible Adapter 1.25/2inch

1.25/2 inch interface

Metal Hoop With Dovetail

SV503 70ED size

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Exceeded expectations

This 102mm f/7 ED refractor is worth well more than I paid for it! The first time I took it out for a night of observing the sky, the sharp, contrasty views of star clusters and nebulae impressed me and my observing buddies. They spent as much time looking through this scope as through their own, much larger, reflector telescopes. The objective lens gives wonderful views. The "mechanics" of the scope are well-made and put together, including the retractable dew/light shield at the lens end and the rotating focuser assembly at the eyepiece end. Two small quibbles: The main focuser is a bit tight to turn, but another owner tells me it will loosen as I use the fouser. (The fine-focuser worked very well right out of the box!) There was no user manual or documentation include with the telescope. But I found some pages of information and directions, particularly about the focuser, at a Svbony page online. I plan to use this refractor purely for observing, not astro-imaging.

Fantastic Telescope, Incredible Price!

The image of the Moon is a composite made from two images taken with the SvBony SV305 camera then stitched together for the full image. It created some excitement on Facebook as it shows a lot of detail you would not expect from a telescope of this size. The image of Venus was also taken with the SV305 camera. The third image of the solar prominence was taken with a 4x Powermate Barlow, a Daystar Quark Hydrogen-Alpha filter and a QHY174GPS camera. It was a composite of two images, one of the prominence and the other of the sun’s surface. The camera was monochrome so color was added. This telescope is a solar and lunar imaging machine! WARNING: Do not use to view the sun without proper filtering as permanent damage can occur to your eyes or equipment!

Great scope at a great deal

I am in love with this refractor. This is a well-made piece of equipment from an underrated company that will make noise in the astrophotography world. The only important piece of extra equipment needed is a field flattener to counteract the field distortion (due to it being a relatively small aperture telescope), which does come at a bit of a steep price. However, the flattener is specifically made for the sv503 70ED. The fine-tuning knob is a must for any deep sky photography, and is very smooth on the 70ED. Personally, I'd like to see a little more resistance to moving to counteract any accidental bumps after fine-tuning the focus. The 503 also comes with pre-drilled mounting points where you can attach two accessories. Currently, I have a guide scope and laser pointer attached to mine and it stays rock solid. The only trouble I've had with my scope is the relatively short dovetail plate it comes stock with. In order to balance everything well, I had to turn the plate around to extend a balancing point and barely made it work. All in all, I would have to have purchased the 80 or even 102 refractor, but my current mount won't accept more weight than the 70ED. Don't be skeptical of the price! When I first came across it, it seemed very strange that and ED refractor would be so affordable, but decided to take the chance. And I'm glad I did! I am definitely an svbony fan now and have had nothing but wonderful interactions with their sales team. Thank you!

Fine Telescope

Nicely crafted telescope. No chromatic aberration. Very nice colours too. But (so only 4 stars) strong curvature of field already with APS-C Sensor. So flattener is a must for astrofotography. Improvments recommended: longer dovetail for balancing with astrocam.


Product Name SV503 70F6 ED Astronomy Telescope
Type Refractor
ED Glass S-FPL51
Coating SMC
Aperture 70mm / 2.75-Inch
Focal length 420mm
Focal Ratio f/6
Type of Focuser RAP (Rack and Pinion)
Gear Reduction 1:10 Fine movement
Resolving capacity 1.97"
Limit value 11.3
Light gathering capacity 100x
Max. Useful magnification 140x
Tube weight 2.22kg
Tube outer diameter 88mm
Tube material Aluminium
Back Focus Length 90mm
OTA Length 318mm
Dovetail & Ring Yes
Dovetail Length 150mm


1. The appearance of the telescope is baked with high-end fine-grained paint, with exquisite appearance and delicate feel;
2. The objective lens features an S-FPL51 extra-low dispersion glass ED element, which eliminates chromatic aberration. This results in the best color correction for an ED doublet lens
3. The lens adopts optical processing and low polishing technology, which is carefully carved;
4. The deceleration ratio of the two-speed 2'' toothed focusing seat is 1:10, which makes it easy to achieve accurate focus;
5. If the 70ED is matched with a large chip, A possible way is to: The SV193 increases the field of view of the shot, which is sufficient for most DSOs. The stacked image edges may need to be cropped in the post-process to improve image quality.

The Real Shot Image by SV503 70mm ED Telescope

captured by sv503 70ed telescope.jpg

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