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SV550 80 APO Triplet Apochromatic Telescope Set for Deep Space Vision & Photography

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SVBONY SV550 refractor APO triplet apochromatic telescope 80mm DSO deep space vision and photography suits -- combining the SV550 Telescope with the SV405CC deep space camera, SV209 field flattener, SV210 M63 CAA 360 degree rotator camera angle adjuster, SV191 zoom telescope eyepiece and a SV211 135mm handle bar, enables both deep sky vision & photography.

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SV550 Refractor Telescope APO Triplet Apochromatic 80mm Deep Space Vision & Photography Set

The SV550 APO triplet refractor with 80mm aperture and fast f/6 focal ratio, a great travel telescope for observation and astrophotography.

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Deep sky photography OTA


Focal Length: 480mm

The focal length is 480mm, suitable for deep sky observation and photography, for galaxies, nebulae, star clusters and other deep sky objects.


APO Structure

Apochromatic triplet uses a series of three lenses. It provides better correction of aberration and significantly reduces dispersion. It reduces chromatic aberration, and it corrects for two wavelengths to reduce spherical aberration. The apochromatic triplet objective provides high-quality, sharp and high-contrast images.


2.5" 1:10 Dual-speed Focuser

The gear ratio of the dual speed 2.5-inch toothed focuser is 1: 10, which makes it easy to achieve accurate focus. The dual speed focuser can provide two focusing speeds by using a set of co-axial knobs, for fast focusing and fine focusing. Magnesium alloy focusing seat, compared with aluminum alloy materials of the same specification, the weight can be reduced by more than 20%, reducing the load


Extreme Extinction

4 extinction light bars are used inside the lens barrel, which can eliminate all stray light interference on the inner wall of the lens barrel.

sv550 telescope with extreme extinction.jpg

Elimination of Stray Light

Blackened inside and knife-edge baffle are for reduction of stray light and improvement of image contrast. 


Why should SV209 be used together with SV550?

SV209 1.0x Flattener Corrects the Field for Astrophotography M63x1 Connection Black. 

It is a special flat field mirror developed for SV550 80F6 OTA, which can effectively improve the image quality of SV550 OTA edge field, while maintaining the focal length and focal plane position of the Objective lens. The sv209 is equipped with M63 extension cylinder and M48 adapter ring to ensure that the rear intercept of the flattener is the astronomical conventional 55mm length.



SV210 M63 CAA 360 Degree Rotator Camera angle Adjuster for Visual Rotation Black

The image field rotator of sv210 CAA camera is mainly used for astronomical photography scenes.


SV191 super-wide-angle 1.25'' zoom eyepiece 7.2-21.6mm and 9mm-27mm, allow you to change magnification power without swapping out eyepieces.



  • Combining the SV550 80 APO with the SV405CC deep space camera, SV209 field flattener, SV210 CAA, SV191 Zoom Telescope Eyepiece and a SV211 135mm Handle Bar, enables deep sky vision and photography perfectly.

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Model SV550 Model SV209
Aperture 80mm Connection at telescope side M63x1 male thread
Focal Length 480mm Connection 1 at camera side M63x1 thread female - working distance 103 mm
Focal Ratio f/6 Connection 2 at camera side  M48x0.75 male thread - working distance 55 mm or 91.5 mm
ED Glass​ FPL51​ Fully illuminated field 45 mm(SupportFull Frame Sensors)
Telescope Type Refractor Number of elements 2 lenses
Resolution 1.45 arc seconds Factor 0 - no change of focal length to the focal plane
Coatings  SMC Coating FMC
Limiting stellar magnitude 11.6 Diameter of the housing 67mm
Lens design  Apochromatic​ Length 5 mm without the male thread
dovetail plate length 150-175mm
barrel weight 2900g
mirror Brief Size  377.8mm
Net weight​ 3750g
Gross weight​ 3850g
Package size​ 440x220x210mm​
Brand SVBONY Model SV191
Model  SV210 Focal Length 7.2-21.6mm
Product Name M63 CAA 360° Rotator Camera angle adjuster Eye Relief 18-20mm
Extension thickness 20.7mm Apparent Field of View 42°-65°
Fit for SV550 80F6 Field stop diameter 16mm
Locking Screw M4 Barrel Size 1.25" 
Positioning lock Function Yes Lens Structure 7-Elements/4-Groups
Male Thread  M63x1 Filter Threads Standard M28.5*0.6
Female Thread M63x1 Coatings Fully Multi-Coated
Length of Male Thread 8mm Blackened Lens Edges Yes
Length of Female Thread 9mm Eyecups Twist-Up
Material 6061T Eyecups Material Metal
Color Black Net Weight 167g / 5.87oz / 0.367lb
Net Weight 91.2g/3.22oz
Model SV405CC Brand SVBONY
Sensor 4/3'' SONY IMX294 CMOS​ Model SV211
Sensor size 19.2mm*​13mm Fit for SV550 (80F6) SV503 (70F6 80F7) 
Pixel Size 4.63*4.63μm​ Color Red
Diagonal 23.2mm Material 6061T Aluminums
Resolution 11.7 megapixel​s 4144*2822 Length 135mm
Exposure time 0.05ms-2000s Width 42mm
QE peak 0.75 High 39mm
Readout noise 1.2e Net Weight 136g / 4.8oz
Full well 63ke
ADC 14 bit
Maximum Frame Rate​ 19 FPS
Interface USB 3.0
Back Focus 6.5mm
ROI​  Support
Protective window AR coating
Digital Noise Reduction​ Support
Binning​ BIN1,BIN2,BIN3,BIN4​
Interface Type​ M42
Supported OS Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi & Mac OS 
Power Consumpton 200mA 5V
Working Temperature -10℃-50℃​
Storage Temperature​ -20℃-60℃​​
Working Relative Humidity 20%-80%
Storage Relative Humidity​ 20%-95%​


1. Dual speed focuser
2. Finder base included
3. APO Objective Lens Structure & FMC Coating
4. 2.5 inch magnesium alloy focuser
5. Comes with 180mm dovetail plate

sv550 ota for visual and photography.jpg

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