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SV605CC OSC Camera for Deep Space Astrophotography IMX533 - 7nm Dual-Band 1.25 inch Filter

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SV605CC is a 1-inch color deep space camera with 3.76um pixel size, better resolution and 80%+quantum efficiency. It can get good imaging in light polluted environment with double narrowband filters.

Cooling System-Thanks to the two-stage TEC cooling,the SV605CC can lower the CMOS sensor temperature to 30 degrees Celsius below amboent temperature,which can greatly reduce dark current generation anf sensor noise even during longer exposure times.

Support system-SV605CC camera works with Windows,Linux,Mac OS,Chrome OS and Raspberry Pi systems by running AstroDMx Capture. For Windows system,Also support Sharpcap,N.I.N.A,TheSkyX and other softwares run throuth ASCOM platform by suing ASCOM driver.

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The Bayer pattern of the SV605CC is GRBG

Notice: The SV605CC has completed the product change to optimize the horizontal stripe, and the S/N serial number of the new product has been changed to S/N(B).

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             SV605CC OSC Camera MIX533 for Deep Space Astrophotography


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Great Camera

I bought this SVBONY 605 camera because it was less expensive than competitive cameras with the same image sensor. This camera takes great images and works with the software that I use for automated astrophotography. I have used this camera weekly over the last several months and I am pleased with the performance and reliability.

I absolutely love this camera

My first camera had the known banding issue but SVBONY took care of it for me and got me the updated version. I'd been using a DSLR and had no idea what I was missing in the sky. I use this with Stellarmate on a Pi4 but could never get it working in Astroberry. I have stacks of 8 hours from my DSLR that don't come close to what I get from 1 hour with this camera. I know it's not a pro level camera but if you're on a budget and want great results, this is for you.
Model SV605CC
Sensor Color IMX533 CMOS
Image Resolution 3008*3008
Total Pixels 9.0 Megapixel
Pixel Size 3.76μm x 3.76μm
Target Size 1''
Diagonal 15.968mm
Maximum Frame Rate 20FPS
Shutter Type Rolling Shutter
USB Type Type-B USB 3.0
Cache DDR3 256M
Time of Exposure  0.05ms-2000s
Readout Noise 1.0e-3.3e-
QE Peak  0.91
Full Charged 50ke-
ADC 14bit
Temperature Display Display on software
Cooling System TEC Semiconductor 2-Stage Refrigeration
Digital Noise Reduction Support
ROI Support
Pixel Binning BIN1,BIN2,BIN3,BIN4
Operating System Windows,Linux,Mac OS,Raspberry Pi,Chrome OS
Protective Window Optical Glass AR Coating
Camera Interface Specifications 2''/1.25''/M42X0.75
Back Focus Distance 6.5mm/17.5
Workiung Current < 300MA
Stand-by Current < 30MA
Operating System Windows, Linux, Mac OS,Raspberry Pi, Chrome OS


SV605CC is the deep space camera of SVBONY brand. It is designed with SONY IMX533 color SMOS sensor,which is recommended by amateur asreonomers.Here are some highlights:

Back-illuminated sensor--improving sensitivity and reducing noise

1'' format with 3.76 um pixel size--ideal for many types of telescopes

14-bit ADC--giving high dynamic range of 13 stops.

An impressive 50ke-full well capacity--helping to reduce the issue of,for example,saturated stars.

HCG mode--When set the gain at 120 or higher,the HCG mode is autonatically enabled,and reduce the read noise to even lover levels without loss the dynamic range.

Exceptuinal low-illumination performance of SNR1s:0.14 lx is realized by use of a large-size optical system and by expanding the area per pixel to 3.76um.This makes the IMX533 ieal for security camera market applicatiuons that require low illumination performance.

The IMX533 sensor adopts the 1'' format and provides the necessary number of pixels for true 4k output at 120 frames per second(W/ ADC 10-bit output mode,the SV605CC can run up to 20fps at 4k format when used with USB3.0)

The Real Shot Image by SV605CC

picture capture by sv605cc.jpg

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