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Svbony Fully Metal Dovetail Base and Mounting Plate Set for Finderscopes

SKU: F9176A
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Svbony fully metal dovetail bracket base and dovetail mounting plate for finderscope. It can fit and protect the tube very well.

Suitable for SV48 and SV48P, not applicable for SV503 series telescope.

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svbony-dovetail set.jpg

svbony-bracket base-dovetail.jpg

dovetail bars and clamps on the SV48 telescope

dovetail set( SV48+SV106).jpgDovetail Base and Mounting Plate-2

Dovetail Base and Mounting Plate-1

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Model F9176A
Base Width 42mm
Base Length 29.5mm
Base Width of internal trapezoid (bottom) 33.4mm
Base Width of internal trapezoid (top) 28.7mm
Base Height of inner part appr. 9mm
Dovetail Board Length 42mm
Dovetail Board Width (bottom) 32mm
Dovetail Board Width (top) 20mm
Dovetail Board Height 11mm

1.Black small-sized design suitable for finder scopes

2.Fully metal construction can connect the finder scopes with your telescopes firmly and stable

3.All metal finder scope bracket base for your telescope that comes with the standard quick release dovetail board. It can fit and protect the tube very well

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