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SVBONY Medium Dovetail Clamp with a Brass Screws for Telescopes and Cameras

SKU: F9144-
US$ 22.99
  • The dovetail clamp allow to attach your telescope or camera to tripods;especially suited for building double connections where a high load capacity is needed
  • 7 bores are available;5 holes for M6 with 1/4" screws;2 holes for M8;allow connecting to almost all surfaces
  • Areal clamping with brass locking screws protects the accessories and provides a very stable connection
  • The clamping screw are completely kept clamping can be used without problems
  • All-aluminium dovetail clamp massively built;no twisting; High load capacity up to approx 10 kg
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Nice well made dovetail mounting block!

I tried using a ball mount on my telescope but found that the telescope gets loose on the 1/4-20 screw, even with the rubber pad on the mount! I bought this clamp which stays in place on the ball mount using only the 1/4-20 screw. The advantage of this is I can balance the telescope on this mount by sliding telescope rail in the mount. I now have very smooth motions on this tripod with little vibration, and the telescope stays where I put it! I don't have to constantly loosen and tighten a pan handle on the tripod. This clamp works very well and is strong.
Model F9144C/D
Material Aluminum alloy
Color Red/Silver
Loading Weight 10kg
Dovetail Upside 39.5mm
Dovetail Downside 45mm
Dovetail Depth 12mm
Net Weight 193g/6.83oz

1. We provide you with two colors to choose from, the red one and the silver one. And we have a matching dovetail mount plate with red and silver color

2. With brass screws and locking screws can protect the accessories and provide a very stable connection

3. For attaching the clamp, 8 holes are available, five bores for M6 and one for 1/4 inch screws, two bores for M8 screws. The center distance of the two holes for M8 screws is 35mm

4.8 holes allow connecting to almost all surfaces 

5.This dovetail clamp can be compatible with our F9143 dovetail plate , which sold separately

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