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SVBONY SV121 1.25'' Red Laser Collimator for Newtorian and SCT

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1.25'' red laser collimator with 2'' adapter.Designed for accurate collimation of Newtorian and SCT reflector telescopes. SV121 Red Laser Collimator adopts retaining only one optimal gear position brightness, reducing cumbersome manual adjustment; Moreover, the spot shape is a dot not a grainy elliptical point.

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a essential tool in your observers toolbox!

Owning a newtonian tube i decided to invest in a laser collimator, this was my first choice, qualliy, price and the added 2" converter done it for me . Good solid feel with 7 position click stop laser power adjustment . A good solid feel with a matt black finish give this collimator a professional feel which is easy to use. Don't forget a collimator needs to be collimated ( check out youtube on how to test) on test my collimator was true and had a nice output, fitting it into my skywatcher explorer which I thought was collimated I soon found out the mirror was out and needed resetting.... watch YouTube on how to do this.... if you own a dobsonian or newtonian you can call this a essential tool as they do go out of spec and you will call on this collimator time and time again ... thank you for reading my review (scivideos) ..Barry
Model SV121
Wavelength 635-655nm
Output Power less than 5mw
Fit Type Newtonian and SCT reflector
Power supply 3V CR2032 button battery
Size 135*51*51mm

1.This is newest 1.25 inch red laser collimator with 2 inch adapter. Red beam can easily to be recognized, then you can get accurate aiming direction

2.This laser collimator suitable for Newtonian and SCT reflector telescopes

3.Equipped with 3 adjustable screws on the body, if you find it lose collimation, you can calibrate it manually

4.Side window allows you to easily collimate optics of the reflector telescopes

5.Just insert it into the eyepiece holder, turn it on, and then adjust telescope screw to move the laser into the middle of the primary mirror center spot

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