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Svbony SV110 Fully Metal Binoculars Tripod Mount Adapter

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Bigger size, won't shake, and provide steady support for the big size binoculars like SV206 Porro Binocular.

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Model SV110
Tyoe Tripod Adapter
To Fit Binocular Telescope
Cap Nut of diameter 20mm
Screw Size 1/4 inch
Length 3.93 inch/10cm
Net  Weight  3.15oz /89.3g
Material Metal
Color Black

1. Simple and practical, easy to install

2.Full metal texture, durable and sturdy, universal 1/4 inch screw suitable for binoculars with the same screw holes

3.Slip design at the bottom ensures the bracket can be better fixed the tripod. During the telescope observation can eliminate image shake

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