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SV136 Telescope Eyepieces 2 inch 34mm 72 Degree

SKU: F9172D
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Svbony 34mm super-wide 2inch telescope eyepiece for astronomic telescope, suitable for watching the scenery, bright celestial observations, nebula, and so on.

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Super Clarity, Minimal Abberation, "Affordable" Price

Whoa. I spent a long time on forums and talking to other astronomers before making this purchase, and in the end I only chose this eyepiece because it was the only thing that would arrive in less than two months. I was worried that svBony would be some mediocre chinese glass but I am pretty impressed. I've been to a few star parties so I've looked through the explore scientifics and I gotta say this isn't too far off, especially when considering the price. There is *very* minor chroma near the edge of the field (outer ~15%) but the center view is stunning. My first test was the moon in my 10" f/4.7 dobsonian and it really was a whoa moment. Before this it had just been done super plossls so the difference was absolutely stunning. The crispness in the image was beyond belief, with edges clearly defined and no visible abberation at all in the center fov. It definitely gives the often mentioned "porthole into space" feeling and I was instantly in love. Half the time I find myself barlowing this eyepiece rather than using my new high power eyepieces because the clarity is so impressive. DSO's are very noticable from the deep everglades and I was able to just make out some detail in the spiral arms in bode's (m81) I can say to anyone worried about QC that the eyepiece doesn't leave much to be desired!

Perfekt vision with a huge field of view

The 2" 34 mm eyepiece has become my favorite overview eyepiece. I use it on my Svbony SV503 102/714 ED refractor as well as on my Skywatcher 250p Newton. I compared it to other expensive brands and couldn't tell a difference! The image is as sharp as a razor and the surfaces are all completely coated. The eyepiece also holds up well. It is easy to grip and does not slip away. The high-contrast label makes it easy to read even in the dark. I also like that when I wear glasses I can simply turn the eyecup down. A really cool piece! I am absolutely thrilled with Svbony.
Model SV136(F9172D)
Focal Length 34mm
Eye Relief 24mm
Field Stop Diameter 40mm
Apparent Field of View 72°
Barrel Size 2inch
Lens Structure 5 -Elements/4-Groups
Filter Threads Standard 2" Filter Thread (M48 x 0.75)
Coatings Fully Multi-Coated

1. Fixed folding rubber eyecup allows easy use with or without eyewear

2. Svbony eyepiece body is made of aluminum. A two-step anodizing process results in a beautiful matte finish that resists reflections and glare

3. Svbony 34mm super-wide 2 inch telescope eyepiece. Sturdy anodized aluminum barrels are threaded for any Svbony 2 inch filters

4. The edges of the optics are blackened for increased contrast, and prevent internal reflections

5. Anti-reflection fully multi-coated optics ensure bright and clear high-images at any magnification, with true color rendition

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