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SVBONY SV167 camera adapter for SCT prime focus photography

SKU: W9127A
US$ 17.99

SVBONY SV167 is a T-adapter attaches an SLR or DSLR camera to a SCT for prime focus photography. T-threads accept camera brand specific T-ring(sold separately).  Compatible Telescope of adapter: Celestron 5SE/6SE/8SE/C5/C8/C9.25/C11/C14 and all SCT telescope of 2'',24TPI

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does exactly what an OEM T-adapter does better value for money

It's essentially the same as a Celestron or Meade T-adapter for an SCT. This will fit either make. Its screws on in place of a Visual back. takes a T-ring to fit the appropriate camera. (I'm initially using an Olympus DSLR at the moment. A T-ring will usually remain screwed on to the T-adapter It's a very easy way to fit a camera to an SCT for prime focus photography or with a focal reducer threaded on the telescope first. A nice touch on the SvBony version is the Lock ring sits in a groove on the adapter so its stays in place; This also makes it easy to fit on a telescope even with gloves on. The threads are cleanly cut so they don't snag then threading on to the telescope. and to position the camera at the right orientation is just done by rotating the camera to the desires position then lightly tightening the lock ring. Very little pressure is needed to hold a camera securely; even with my additional battery pack attached to my camera. Good value for money
Model SV167
Net Weight 50g
Extension Tube Travel 1.18inch/30mm
Overall Length  1.97inch/50mm
Thread Type M42x0.75
Male thread  SCT
Female thread 2''24TPI
Color Bright Black
Material Aluminum

1.SV167 can compatible with all SCT of 2''24TPI for prime focus photography, such as C5/C8/C9.25/C11/C14 etc

2.It can also combine with our W1077A and W2054A camera adapter 

3.Aviation grade aluminum material is used as processing base material, CNC precision processing

4.Internal matting and blackening oxidation, suppressing stray light interference

5.30mm M42 extension tube can provide enough focal length for photography

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