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Fully Metal Telescope Eyepiece Adapter of Different Size

SKU: W2811-
US$ 14.99

Fully metal telescope eyepiece adapter of four different size suitable for almost all the eyepieces

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svbony-1.25'' to 0.965'' eyepiece adapter.jpg

telescope eyepiece adapter.jpg

telescope eyepiece adapter.jpg

0.965'' to 1.25'' eyepiece adapter.jpg

telescope eyepiece adapter.jpg

2'' to 1.25'' eyepiece adapter.jpg

svbony-1.25'' to 2'' telescope eyepiece adapter.jpg

eyepiece adapter.jpg

mount eyepiece adapter.jpg

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Model W2811A W2811B W2811C W2811D
Size  1.25" to 0.965" 0.965" to 1.25" 2" to 1.25" 1.25" to 2"
Material Metal Metal Metal Metal
Color Black Black Black Black

1. We provide you with four different specifications to choose from according to your needs, one size including only one product, just choose the one suitable for your telescope eyepieces

2. Made of machined anodized aluminum. Brass compression ring fitting to avoid marring your eyepiece barrels. At the other end, the inside of the adapter is fully threaded to minimize reflections

3. Four different sizes allows you to use almost all telescopes with different diameter

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