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New Coming Svbony SV503 80 ED Telescope in 2020


Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying your day! Good news from Svbony. our new product SV503 80 ED astronomy telescope is coming. hope you will like it. 

Svbony First ED astronomy telescope

SV503 astronomy telescope is the first ED telescope of Svbony brand, so it means the best one for now. so do you want to have one in the near future?

80mm F7 astronomy telescope SV503

As we have chated with many people on facebook, messager, twitter. which aperture and focal lenth data would be better begin for astronomy amateurs to do astrophotography, they choose the 80mm, F7 is the finnal decision of Svbony. so all the ideas from the customers. and we finally make this item. also some customer have design the optic system for us. i don't know how many thanks could show my thanksfulness to all. all you love of this brand, and love of svbony products, give us more courage to be better and better. 

Welcome more great products ideas, Svbony will help you make your idea come true! and thanks very much for make us become more strong. hope more and more people will love the SV503 80ED astronomy telescope. 

When could be buy the SV503 telescope ?

Please wait with patience, we will keep update more information about it. and welcome your email to info@svbony.com. 

Thanks for your read. 

80 ED telescope-1.jpg

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