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Do You Know How To Use The SV402 Spotting Scope?


SVBONY SV402 spotting scope test video is coming!

First of all, its appearance is composed of gray and black. The model has two sizes, 16-48X60 and 20-60X70. They all have a large objective lens, a very smooth focus wheel, and an eyepiece that can be zoomed. The appearance of the SV402 spotting scope looks very grand and strong. Its show video is as below. Please watch it.

Let's take a look at how to use SV402 spotting scope.

First of all, when you get a SV402 spotting scope,

1.You should fix it with a tripod; then open its eyepiece cover and objective cover.

2. Aim the target which you want to observe, rotate the zoom ring on the eyepiece, and fix it to the lowest magnification.

3. Rotate the focus wheel so that you can watch the target clearly.

4. If it is sunny, you can also rotate the sunshade on the objective to block some sunlight, making the light less dazzling.

After reading the above steps, do you know how to use it?

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