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Product Upgrade Plan

Dear Friends:

Thank you for your continued support and love for Svbony.

This year is the 7th anniversary of our brand, and we are going to celebrate our anniversary in March. 

In the new year, we will be launching more welfare policies to reward you for your long-term support, and we hope that this can really help you. Svbony is committed to providing you with more choices and cost-effective products to help you with your hobbies and to toast to our friendship!

Starting February 1, we will try to introduce the Svbony product upgrade policy. You may not be unfamiliar with this: selling items you've previously purchased at a discount as part of a trade-in or to offset the price of a new item. Often you may have trouble with the exchange process, with long distance shipping costs and low depreciation estimates making it seem like a bad deal and a real benefit.

Here at Svbony, everything will get easier. Instead of returning the product, simply provide us with proof of purchase and a picture of the product to receive a designated coupon to purchase the new product and wait for the upgraded model to be delivered to your door.

 Upgrade Policy


You need to own the old model of the product specified by us, and make sure it was purchased from our online store.


You can buy the specified new product, which is usually an upgrade model, at our specified discounted price.


The number of new products for which we offer an Upgrade Plan is limited, and if the redemption limit is reached, the exchange policy will automatically end.


This policy is valid for the first 3 months from the launch of the new product. You can contact us via our after-sales email or online customer service to learn more about this policy.


You can get the discount of the new product from the same channel you purchased the old product. For example, if you have purchased A from the official website, then contact the official website to get a coupon for A Pro. Of course, we also support cross-platform authentication. After your information is verified by our staff, you will receive the coupon and we will keep it valid for 15 days.

    Participating products:

    The first product: SV41 Pro


    If you own an SV41 and would like to upgrade to an SV41Pro, provide us with proof of your previous purchase and we will provide you with a $30 coupon to be used towards the purchase of an SV41 Pro (no need to return the product).


    50 units (per channel), the program will automatically end when the number of trade-ins is reached.


    February 1 - May 1


    We will only be launching this one product as our trial run for now, and we will be closely monitoring the implementation of this policy and its effects, and we expect this to become a real welfare policy. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please let us know, and we'd love to know which products you'd like to see added to the program.

    Making upgrades easier in the future!

    Once again, thank you sincerely for your support!

    Product Upgrade Items