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SV601 Microscope can work well with SV305 Astronomy Camera. you just need to use a 0.91” to 1.25” Adapter to easily connect. You can capture every detail of the specimen by Using SV305, the image is clear and sharp. Welcome to explore the micro-world with SV601 Microscope and SV305 Astronomy Camera.


SV606 Wireless Handheld 50X-1000X Stepless Zoom WIFI Digital Microscope is compatible with Windows, Android, and ios devices. WiFi support for Android 4.0 and above, ios8.0 and above, and 2.4GHz (8201.11b/g/n) wireless data transmission devices.


Svbony SV602 50x-1000xWireless Microscope Hand-held USB HD Camera with Bracket for Android and iOS System Smart Phones.Make sure your smart phone has iOS 8.0 or later, Android 5.0 or later system.


SV605 binocular microscope with WF10x, WF20x eyepieces and 4x, 10x,40xS objective lens.

New Product Pre-Sale.


SV603 adopts the most popular lightweight design, comfortable hand feel, compact structure, suitable for enthusiasts of different ages in various industries to explore the micro world.


SV601 as an indispensable professional tool for microcosm exploration, can achieve high-definition imaging up to 1600X. The main components are made of metal materials and are precisely processed. It is a very cost-effective microscope.


SV604 LCD 7 Inch portable microscope 1x-1200x magnification, wired remote, camera video recorder with HD screen suitable, for teaching, circuit boards, observing antiques, jewelry identification.


With 1.3 million pixel high-definition digital imaging, SV189 allows you to see more.