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SVBONY Compass Professional Military Outdoor Survival Camping Equipment Geological Pocket Compass Lightweight F9134 for prepper

SKU: F9134
US$ 16.99

1.This lightweight and durable transit was designed for the specific tasks required of geologists, surveyors, mining engineers, civil engineers, environmental engineers and foresters
2.The direct-read compass capsule of this transit features 1 degree resolution and 1/2 degree accuracy
3.The dry compass capsule of this quick dampening needle features both a needle-lock to protect the compass assembly during transit and gear driven adjustable declination to allow for simple compensated bearings
4.The vertical angle clinometers scale featuring 1 degree increments has a range of 90 degrees
5.Other features include a compass bubble level, clinometers level, sighting mirror with lubber line and sighting hole, induction dampened needle, and adjustable sighting points

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Material: Plastic, glass
Length : 80mm
Height : 32mm
Width : 70mm
Color: Black
Weight: 106g / 3.7oz

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