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SV105 tips

SV105 tips

Looking for tips for a more clear focused picture.  Doing moon photos and find the camera hard to focus and is very light sensitive.  Less light is better for this camera.  

Any tips on how to use the features are appreciated.  

I have a simple  Celestron telescope 1000mm 

Looking forward to learn how to take better photos of the moon.  

Also, I noticed on the camera that the red film is not flat around the sensor.  Is this normal?

Do I need an extension for the eyepiece to help with better focus? 

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1000mm is a very long focal range and also that sort of telescope are "slow" , if you'd look at the specs for it I can guarantee it's F11 or similar. You want to buy a fast and a short focal range telescope for astrophotography,  preferably  F/6 or lower and around 250-400mm. 
Just remember, each focal number (the F/ stops) reduces more than 3-4 times the light gathering power, meaning an that an F3.2 Newtonian astrograph needs about 1 minute exposure, your F/11 would need at least 4 minutes to get a matching image. 
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Rita Rita

Hi Eric; 
Do you have a 0.5x focal reducer for your Celestron telescope 1000mm ?
I think if you add a 0.5x focal reducer to work with SV105 with your telescope. then you could get a clear image.