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Not working after Firmware upgrade

Not working after Firmware upgrade

After Firmware Upgrade the Camera ist Not worging under win10 and Android anymore. Camera will be recognised by OS AS connected but Not giving any Pictures/Video.

Ist Recovery Firmware available?


#SV205 Camera


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How does one use the SV205C for exposures longer than the rather ridiculous max. of 1 sec.?
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Giacomo Pennella

I also have this issue: I've updated the fw, now the camera il detected by the software as connected but I only can see a black screen...
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Rita Rita

Hello Martin;
when did you buy the SV205 camera?
if you bought the SV205 camera after August 2019, then it was the new version SV205. there is no upgrade firmware for it. 
if you bought the SV205 before 2019 August, then it was the old version SV205, there is upgrade firmware tool for it, to fix the competibility problem. after the upgrade, win7 could not recognize the sv205. but it could work with win8.1, win10, Linux system and Macos, Android.