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Multi-Function Dovetail Slots for Astronomy Telescope

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SKU: W2370A

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Multi-function dovetail slots for optical telescope and finderscope, solid all metal construction ultra-thin design, ultra-light weight.

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Model W2370A
Length along the 34mm
Width of internal slot 4.2mm
Horizontal length of internal slot 36.5mm
Vertical length of internal slot 36.5mm
Can be fixed M3-M4 screw
Color Black
Weight 41g
L*W*H 45*40*25mm

1. W2370A is multi-funtion dovetail slot, the width of the internal slot is 5.1mm, it can be fixed with M3-M5 screw

2. It can be installed to: Celestron C8, C8HD, C925, C11HD, SKYRVER: 80ED, 102ED, 130APO, SKYRVER 100ED binoculars, and other primary mirror

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