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SVBONY Universal Dovetail Slots for Installation of Finder Scope for Optical Telescope

SKU: W2370
US$ 9.49
  • Compatible with finder scope; can be installed on telescope; Compatible for Clestron Orion Sky-watcher Vixen and so on
  • For adding a second or third aiming device to your telescope; optimal optical telescope finder scope accessories;with enhance performance under the stars
  • Finder scope dovetail slots ideal for custom installation of any finder scope; fits any diameter telescope tube
  • Dovetail base work with finder scope or reflex sight bracket; include two large thumb screw locks; so you can securely attach an aiming device to any telescope
  • Durable metal design; made of high strength aluminum with anodizing aluminium process; ultra-light weight and ultra-thin body

Check the videos for the details about how to connect the SV198 guide scope to the SV503 telescope with W2370A dovetial slot.

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SVBONY Universal Dovetail Base For Optical Astronomical telescope Finder Scope

finder scope dovetail base.jpg

High-quality built; the dovetail base made of high-strength aluminum with anodizing aluminium process; is designed to accept finder scope.


Dovetail Base

The dovetail base fits most bracket designs; compliable with finder scope on telescopes, so you can securely attach an aiming device to any telescope.


The dovetail is easy to use; you can use thread screws to assemble it to your optical tube; the use is easy; just put it on the optical tube and tighten the screws.

dovetail for usage.jpg

The dovetail slots are available in two styles, which is different in the width of the internal slot. The width of the W2370A is 4.2 mm and the W2370B is 5 mm.


dovetail base.jpg





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Model W2370A W2370B
Length along the 34mm 39mm
Width of internal slot 4.2mm 5mm
Horizontal length of internal slot 36.5mm 46mm
Vertical length of internal slot 36.5mm 46mm
Can be fixed M3-M4 screw M5 screw
Color Black Black
Weight 41g /
L*W*H 45*40*25mm /

1. W2370A is multi-funtion dovetail slot, the width of the internal slot is 5.1mm, it can be fixed with M3-M5 screw

2. It can be installed to: SVBONY SV48, SV48P, SV503 70/80/102ED, Celestron C8, C8HD, C925, C11HD, SKYRVER: 80ED, 102ED, 130APO, SKYRVER 100ED binoculars, and other primary mirror

3. High strength aluminum with anodizing treatment. CNC machining ensures smooth surface and precise cutting of rail, it fits your telescope perfect. Made of premium aluminium alloy, solid construction is wearable and durbale for years of use

4. Bases feature two large thumbscrew locks to secure the finder scope bracket in place; and very easy to install and detach your finder scope or reflex sight; even though wearing gloves

Package Includes:
1 x black finder scope dovetail base

2 x screw

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