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SM402 Zoom Microscope 7-45 Magnification Professional Trinocular Stereo With SV189 Digital Microscope Camera

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This SM402 professional stereo double-knob zoom microscope provides crystal sharp stereo erect images with a very wide field view, which is widely used in labs, schools as well as other different professional uses.

Get reviews:  Finally we have our first Industrial grade Stereo Microscope-SM402

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                           SM402 Professional Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope 7X-45X


Widely used in semiconductors, optical communications, display module, electronic industrial production line inspection, material analysis, jewelry evaluation,
hardware processing and maintenance of mobile phones/watches as well as in all areas where the surface of the sample is carefully observed, with
measurement software for measurement different data.

                            Sharp & Clear Stereo Images With Excellent Contrast and Vibrant 7X-45X


                                           45° Ergonomic Design, Adjustable Dioptres & Pupil Distance

Human-centered designSolid and precise manufacture

                                                                   Big Adjusting Knob Smooth Turning

Solid and precise manufacture-2

                                                                 Reversible Black and White Stage Plate

Reversible black&white stage plate-Contrast enhancement

                                                                   LED Stereo Microscope Ring Lamp

LED ring light-Uniform brightnessSM402 Multiple usage ways

                                                                        3D Effect With The Naked Eye

It is suitable for chip observation, jewellery identification, PCB maintenance, electroplating, biological anatomy and other areas. You can see stereoscopic
3D imaging with clear imaging and strong stereoscopic effect.

pics.jpg                                                                         Compatible With CCD Camera or DSLR

You don't need to keep an eye on it all the time. By using SV189 Digital Microscope Camera, you can make your watching more easily and happily.



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Model SM402
Viewing head fixed 45-degree vertical inclination, 360-degree rotation capability
Working Distance 100mm
Eyepiece WF10x/F.N.20mm
Zoom Objective 0.7x-4.5x
Interpupillary Distance 54mm-76mm
Insert Round Plate White&Black plate
LED Ring Light 3W LED Ring Light
Power 220V-50HZ, 110V-50/60HZ
Net Weight 5600g/12.35Ib
Package Size 385x285x410mm


1.SM402 features 7X-45X image magnification capability, including 0.7X-4.5X zoom objective and high eye-point WF10X eyepieces. Full optical glass lenses create sharp and clear stereo images with excellent contrast and vibrant colors.

2. This stereo microscope kit has a 45-degree inclined and 360-degree swiveling head with adjustable interpupillary distance (54-76 mm) and diopter. The subtle and coarse focus adjusting knobs are adapted to suit different needs.

3. The SM402 is equipped with a top expansion port designed to connect the camera or display. This trinocular port allows you to watch the specimen on the screen. The trinocular port is capable of adding a CCD camera or DSLR.

4. The reversible black&white stage plate provides contrast with light- and dark-colored specimens, and large stage clips to secure the specimen during viewing.

5. LED ring light equipped provides uniform cold light when used in dark places and ensures accurate alignment. The light brightness is step-less adjustable with a dimmer for watching different specimens.

6.This SM402 stereo zoom microscope is widely used to observe plants, rocks, stamps, jewelry, soldered pieces, microelectronic components, etc. It is an ideal tool for watchmakers, jewelers, engravers, dies-makers, philatelists, and students.

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