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SV122 Black Diving Fabric Elastic Binocular Lens Strap with 10mm / 0.39in Wide webbing. It's a gift for you!

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Model SV122
Material Diving Fabric
Color Black
Capacity <5kg
Net Weight 29.7g / 1.05oz

1.Streamlined Diving fabric design fits most camera and binoculars

2.Easy to attach and adjust with 10mm / 0.39in Wide webbing

3.Fully adjustable length of approx.16.37" to 46.06" (416mm - 1170mm)

4.Non-skid surface prevent accidental slip on your shoulder

5.How to use:

Pass the end of the webbing through the connector on the camera or binoculars

Pass it back through the first opening on the plastic buckle

Pass it through the second opening one the plastic buckle

Pull tight for a secure hold. The end of the webbing is kept in place with the sliding retainer

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