Svbony SV125 Black 2'' to T2 Camera Adapter for SLR Cameras

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Svbony SV125 fully metal 2'' to T2 camera adapter for SLR cameras with M42 male thread and M48 female thread 

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Model SV125
Material Aluminum
Male thread M42*0.75
Female thread M48*0.75
Barrel Diameter 50.8mm / 2in
Barrel Length 29mm / 1.14in
Outer Diameter 56mm /2.20in
Color Black
Net weight 56g / 1.98oz

1. Svbony 2'' to T2 camera adapter fits for all 2'' focusers, at the end of the adapter is threaded to accept standard 2'' filters

2. Made of machined anodized aluminum, the inside of the adapter is fully threaded to minimize reflections

3. The M42 male thread is compatible with M42 female thread of W1077A and W2054A (sold separately), allows you to connect your Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras to the standard 2'' eyepiece diameter telescope

4.The groove is a safety fixture that may protect your camera from damage if the focuser's screw is sligntly loosened

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