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SV155 1.25 inch 7-Piece Filters Set for Moon Viewing Telescope Filter

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  • 7pcs filters set include most popular color planetary and moon telescope eyepiece filters;moon filter;CPL filter;5 color filters with 23A bright red;21 orange;12 yellow;56 bright green;82A bright blue
  • CPL filter is mainly used for elimination of polarized;and enhances the contrast of the moon and planets in photographic images
  • 5 color filters are an essential tool of the lunar and planetary;with red;green;blue;orange and yellow highlight features on Mars;Jupiter;and Saturn
  • High quality aluminum alloy frame and optical glass with standard 1.25” filter threads suitable for 1.25” eyepieces and other accessories
  • Moon and skyglow filter;Cuts down glare and brings out much more surface detail and gives you better contrast; It is a multi-band pass filter transmitting a high percentage of light in the visual spectrum; Effectively filters out selective wavelengths of low-pressure sodium and other man-made sources typically used in street lighting
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Excellent products

They are very good, I have just finished trying all with a half moon and Jupiter and the truth is that they surprised me, a tremendous sharpness or I was able to see details in craters that I had never seen. The truth I recommend them. Each is a different joy. The quality is noticeable.

thickness :2mm

1. A nice beginner's set of 1.25” planetary filters for any telescope, you can see features on the Moon & planets in a whole new light

2. The aluminum cell is threaded on top and bottom for stacking

3. Includes Wratten #12 Deep Yellow, #21 Orange, #82A Light Blue, #23A Bright Red, #56 Bright Green, #CPL and a #ND Moon Filters

4. Colored filters can be used to bring out details on a planet’s surface or its cloud structure. All of the planetary filters included in the Svbony Lunar and Planetary Filters Set can be used on any 1.25” eyepiece with the proper filter threads, so they are very versatile. Just screw one onto the eyepiece of choice and slide it into the focuser

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