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SV199 1.25'' ADC Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector

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2022 New product! Rich details and fine CNC machining. Solve the Dispersion problems of planets at low angles position.

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Model  SV199
Surface Accuracy 1/4λ
Camera/eyepiece side 1.25" barrel + T2 male
Telescope side 1.25" barrel
Optical aperture 24mm 
Prism BK7
Lateral surface Blackened for improved contrast
Coatings Anti-Reflective Brad-Band (300nm-700nm)
Deviation Angle 4.5 degree
Required back-focus  56.57nm
Net Weight 167g

  • The atmospheric dispersion corrector is born to increase the clarity of the planetary image by correcting the effects of dispersion of the earth’s atmosphere.
    The 2 high-quality 1/4λBK7 prisms with the fully-multi coated on each side act a pear performance in reducing the chromatic aberration. 
    The bubble level of the ADC is accurate to level the horizontal.
    A Barlow or planetary camera is permitted thanks to the 1.25” interface on two sides of the tube.

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