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1.25 inch Laser Collimator with 2 inch adapter

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This is a newest Svbony 1.25" red laser Collimator includes removable 2" adapter, Designed for accurate collimation of all Newtonian and SCT reflector telescopes. Red laser collimation beam with 7 brightness levels.

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svbony laser collimator.jpg

Svbony Laser Collimator.jpg

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1. Brand: Svbony

2. Name: Laser Collimator

3. Wavelength: 635-655nm

4. Output Power: less than 5mw

5. Fit Type: Newtonian and SCT reflector telescopes

6. Color: Black

7. Body Material: Metal

8. Net Weight: 135g/4.79oz

9. Note: The Best working distance is two meters


1.Red laser collimation beam with 7 brightness levels.

2.Can fit into 1.25" focusers or diagonals (with removable 2" adapter).

3.Less than 5mW output power, much safer for your eyes.

4.Built with metal material, strong and durable.

5.Item Included CR2032 Lithium cell battery.

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