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SV133 Filter Wheel 2 inch Multiple 5-Position for Telescope-Image Without Stray Light

SKU: W9103B
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List Price: US$ 92.99

The SVBONY Filter is suitable for 2 inch eyepieces and for viewing with single-lens reflex camera and CCD camera (M48 to M42 adapter exclude). Filters can be replaced very quickly, even when the camera is installed or the eyepiece is inserted.

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Svbony 2inch Multiple 5-Position Filter Wheel

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Solid well made

Solid well made filter wheel. Easy to load filters although you need to make sure the filter holders are low profile or else they won’t fit.

Solid sturdy filter wheel

Nice high quality build for my imaging filters. Sturdy metal build attaches to my dslr and Barlow. You won’t be disappointed with the quality of this filter wheel, especially at this price point.

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