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SVBONY SV215 Zoom Eyepiece1.25 inch 3mm-8mm for Planetary Observation

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The apparent field of view and the usable eye relief to stay the same as the focal length changes.

Smooth zoom action with click-stops at 3, 4, 5, 6,7 and 8mm for quick changes to precise preset magnifications.

Parfocal across the entire zoom range (minor tweaking may be necessary, however).

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SVBONY SV215  Zoom Eyepiece1.25" 3mm-8mm for Planetary Observation


The SV215 zoom eyepiece is designed to provide the good balance of contrast, comfortable eye relief, and resolution for the critical planetary observer, particularly those with ultra-premium short focal length refractors.

Fold-down Rubber Eye Cup

sv215 eyepieces eye-cup.jpg

Click/Stops mechanism

sv215 eyepieces for planetary.jpg

Apparent Field of View: 56°

56 degree eyepiece.jpg

The field of view will not change with the change of focal length, the process of doubling to give customers a fixed point to pull into the visual enjoyment.

Eye Relief: 10mm

sv215 eyepiece eye relief.jpg

The transformation ratio customers do not need to adjust the distance of exit pupil, so as to adapt to the observation environment again and improve the observation comfort.

Best For Planetary Observation

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Great eyepiece!

I recently received this beautiful little eyepiece, however I realised (silly me) that it doesn't focus to infinity on my spotting scope which is an SA401 also by Svbony...So it looks like I may need to start learning astronomy!!! It came very well packed and protected in its foam padded box. Included in the pack is both a cleaning cloth and 2 lens caps for both lenses. Pulling the eyepiece out of the box I was surprised by how high quality it feels, all metal...No plastic here. Zoom adjustment has no play and has a lovely click when adjusting that feels good and has a rubber grip so it's easy to grip. The eyecup is rubber and comfortable for the eye. An adjustable eyecup might have been better here, but that is personal preference. I decided to test its capabilities on my scope, which was limited to approximately 25 metres unfortunately with it not being an astronomical scope. Still, I noted when looking through it for the first time it is incredibly sharp across the field. Fixing it on a nearby palm tree I was able to see veins clearly within the leaves (see photo - taken on an Oppo Find X5 Lite). A nearby spiderweb was also clearly visible and individual fibres of the silk web could be made out with ease. Also looking at a nearby conifer tree, I was able to see the sharpness across the field and the very nice, natural colour reproduction this eyepiece has.


J'ai comparé cet oculaire à d'autres (SIEBERT 3.9, SIEBERT 4.9, SIEBERT 7mm, EDMUND OPTIC 8mm et TMB monocentric 10mm et barlow 2X, et bien ce zoom est excellent optiquement et est comparable à des oculaires haut de gamme ; seul le 3mm soit 2D sur ma lunette TMB/LZOS 130/780 apo est plus difficile. Le relief d'oeil est aussi plus court que les SIEBERT par exemple qui ont une barlow intégrée et cela occasionne une salissure plus rapide de la lentille frontale. Autre point positif, l'aspect agréable et solide du zoom. Magnifique zoom qui complète ma collection ( environ 40 oculaires) et est maintenant le préféré dans ces focales.

Great quality, but difficult insight at highest magnification

I had the chance to test the zoom eyepiece yesterday evening on my 10" dobsonian. Generally, the manufacture quality is excellent. The rubber grip has a nice, soft touch, but also enough grip to safely rotate the zoom-ring. The rotation needs quite a lot of force, but it's still okay to handle. You only have to make sure, the eyepiece is clamped stron enough in the focuser. The view through the eyepiece is crystal clear with almost no fringing or abberation towards the edge of the field of view. Only critical point is, that the insight at 4mm and 3mm is quite difficult. No chance to get an insight when you wear glasses. The eyeball is almost touching the lens of the eyepiece. But in genearal, the eyepiece is excellent for it's price!

Fantastic Eyepiece

Purchased this eyepiece splendid with my 10inch skywatcher a little bit powerful at 3mm I'm sure would be good if weather was clearer as I tested while there was a bit of haze but first night seeing Jupiter with its Ganyemed moon and red spot crystal clear also tested it on my Gso c6 f/12 also fantastic as for postage ultra fast just 10 days on standard shipping to Aus Svbony is a pleasure to do business with can count on there affordable and quality products keep them coming!!!!


Scenes observe Venus: Mars; Jupiter; Saturn and so on
Target amateur astronomers
Apparent Field of View 56°
Coatings Fully Multi-Coated
Blackened Lens Edges Yes
Eye Relief 10mm
Focal Length 3-8mm
Filter Threads M28.5x0.6
Barrel Size 1.25"
Lens Elements 6
Lens Groups 4
Barrel Type With safety undercut
Rubber Eye Guard Yes


1. SV215 zoom eyepiece is a good assistant for you to observe and take pictures of the planets; it is a good helper for the amateur astronomers to observe Venus; Mars; Jupiter; Saturn and so on
2. Adjustable focal length; SV215 3 mm to 8mm zoom eyepiece equivalent to multiple eyepieces; SV215 eyepiece is much better than the kit eyepieces; this helps you to zoom in and out rather than changing lens
3. Parfocal across the entire zoom range; minor tweaking may be necessary; you do not need to refocus every time you change the focal length
4. Constant field of view and eye relief; the apparent field of view and the usable eye relief to stay the same as the focal length changes
5. Click and stops design; there are clicks and stops as you pass through the marked zoom levels; easy to use even in the dark
6. Zoom ring moves smoothly; the zoom is smooth and gradual as you twist the eyepiece; it is very hand-friendly
7. 6-element of 4-group lens structure; fully multi-coated optics for remarkable sharpness; contrast and color correction

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