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SV225 Alt-Azimuth Telescope Mount Adjustable Angle Perfect Travel Companion For Visual Astronomy

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  • CNC hollow structure; SV225 altazimuth mount adopts hollow structure; reduce the weight(2.34Kg); convenient for you to carry out; light weight
  • Fine adjustment shift; SV225 alt-az mount can fine-tune the telescope to meet your adjustment efficiency in different scenarios
  • Variable speed gear; SV225 alt-azimuth mount is variable speed gear slow motion controls on both axes to let you smoothly follow the motion of the moon and planets
  • Load capacity; with a payload capacity of 10kg; even light weight; the SV225 alt azimuth mounts will match well with the telescope; camera and so on
  • Applicable scenes; SV225 alt-az mount is suitable for many senorios; like astronomical visual observation and surface observation
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SV225 Adjustable Angle Alt-Azimuth Telescope Mount 

SVBONY SV225 Alt-Azimuth telescope mount is the perfect visual astronomy travel companion and strong practicality.

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CNC Hollow Structure

CNC Metal construction,durable steady for a long-term use. Applicable to most astronomical OTAs.

SV225单品  1600x800_0001_2.jpg

UNC 3/8-16 Thread Specification

UNC 3/8 -16 thread specification is compatible with Celestron/Skywatcher/Orion/Vixen & most mainstream astronomical OTAs.

SV225单品  1600x800_0002_3.jpg

Vixen Standard Dovetail

SV225单品  1600x800_0003_4.jpg

Variable Speed Gear

The newly added variable speed gear increases the torque, and the customer reduces the idle adjustment during use, which makes the operation feel more comfortable. With low motion controls on both axes to let you smoothly follow the motion of the Moon and planets.

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Strong & Durable

SV225单品  1600x800_0005_6.jpg

Quick Adjustment Handle

The handle helps you position quickly and is easy to use and operate.

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Payload Capacity

10KG load bearing makes sure you can have a smooth load operation even with the 122mm aperture SV550 OTA. 

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360° Azimuth & Elevation

Adjustable all-round viewing angle, observe as one pleases. Helical turbine drive supports 360° all-round adjustment, -60° to +60° altitude adjustment, all-round visual adjustment angle to meet your visual observation needs.

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Heightening Bracket

SV225单品  1600x800-2_0002_3.jpg

Digital Marked Dial

Digital scale mark is convenient for customer positioning and adjustment; quickly point to the observation target.

SV225单品  1600x800-2_0003_4.jpg

Fine-tuning Control Lever

Fine-tuning control lever is designed to meet the adjustment efficiency of customers in different scenarios. 

SV225单品  1600x800-2_0004_5.jpg

Applicable Scenes

The Alt azimuth mounts Alt-Az is suitable for many senorios; like astronomical visual observation and surface observation.

7 reviews

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Well built

It's solid. The adjustment between the azimuth and the upright is a hexagon shape within the casting so when bolted down the interface is very rigid. The fine adjusts work as expected. Very pleased.

A Great Mount and Great Customer Service!

I purchased this mount and I have it set up and ready to use (as soon as the clouds clear up)! It was easy to install and was even better quality than expected. I had one minor issue, which was that some paint had dripped into the screw holes on the dovetail clamp during the manufacturing process. I reached out to SVBONY and got a response quickly. I was able to remove the excess paint by putting a little rubbing alcohol on the set screws, and then worked them in. SVBONY assured me that if I had any problems, they would make it right for me. So far I've set it up with a 114mm Newtonian and an 8" SCT (each for visual observing only). Each is sturdy with minimal to no vibrations. My only recommendation is to make sure you have an appropriate tripod to support the weight of the mount and your OTA...

the best AZ mount on the market

This Svbony mount is actually an improved and better than twilight, because it has 2 safety screws instead of just one, it has a handle bar and it has 3 bars on the side arm instead of just two. I think it is the best AZ mount on the market right now.

Good unit at a fair price

Easy to install, very flexible design to accommodate my weird scope. Love it. Tighten the control screws real good or the kids will yank the handle off too easily.

One Problem...Otherwise perfect

I got my SV225 this week. Upon assembly I found that the lower arm connected to the base has way too much play, I would say at least by half a centimeter and I have the bolt tightened as tight as it will get. It is very annoying when pointing to my desired target, because I have to account for the movement. It would seem I received one that got past quality control, and now I will have to figure out how to remedy this. Otherwise, it is a very solid mount able to hold by AT80ED with RACI, two inch diagonal, and my favorite 25mm eyepiece very well. I have all this mounted on a Orion Paragon HD tripod and it is rock solid, except, the aforementioned problem. Even though I am experiencing the one issue with the mount I would definitely recommend it to anyone that ask, but also warn them about my issues.

Just What I Wanted

Just received my SV225 yesterday. I have it mounted on a Orion Paragon HD tripod. Set it up in the daylight with my AT80ED fully configured with RACI two Inch diagonal and my favorite 25mm eyepiece. It holds everything nicely and is very sturdy. The craftsmanship is really good. It could be excellent, but there is a lot of play in the arm at the base as it is not a snug fit, and moves back and forth about half a centimeter in the altitude axis, even though I have the bolt as tight as it will go. I'll have to DIY a fix for this. All movements are very smooth. I would recommend in spite of the one flaw in mine.

Excellent Features & Smooth Performance

Well designed and constructed, this mount feels rock solid. I especially like the smooth & silky resistance feeling on the slow motion controls and clutch. Its size and 10kg capacity give me confidence that my visual telescope set-up is stable and safe. The vixen clamp design is not my favorite choice, but it has triple lock security (works well) and can be interchanged if you like. Overall, I am very pleased with this mount. It`s a good value, like most SVBony products! I also reviewed this product in detail on my YouTube site at "Astrophotography Japan".


Model  SV225
 Max. additional load capacity  10kg
Mounting Saddle  Vixen-Style
Fine adjustment  Yes
Manual tracking  Yes
Underneath the Base thread  UNC 3/8 -16 Female
Worm gear teeth (RA) (piece) 120
Altitude Mount Rotation Angle (Continuous)    -60° to + 60°
Azimuth Mount Rotation Angle (Continuous)  360°
Material  Aluminum 6061T
Net Weight  3.50kg


  1. Features

  2. 1.The SVBONY SV225 is a solid and low-vibration light-to-medium-duty altazimuth mount designed to quickly and easily accept small to medium sized refractors or catadioptric telescope in the 2inch to 5inch range. 
    2.With a payload capacity of 10kg, even light weight, fast focal ratio Newtonians will match up nicely with the mount. 
    3.The SV225 alt-azimuth mount head is made of powder-coated aluminum. There are worm gear slow motion controls on both axes to let you smoothly follow the motion of the Moon, planets, and deep space objects across the heavens. 
    4.The adjustable angle head can tilt forward or back at a 45° angle, as well as point straight up, depending on the length of your optical tube and your observing preferences. 
    5.Enable quick and precise telescopic observations along the vertical and horizontal axes without the need for a complex setup.
    6.Vixen standard the dovetail mounting system to ensures maximum compatibility with a wide range of telescopes.
  3. Package Includes

  4. SV225 alt-azimuth Mounts
    2. Metal Handle
    3. Altitude Slow Motion Flexible Control Cables
    4. Azimuth Slow motion Flexible Control Cables
    5. Dovetail Lock Knob
    6. Locking screws
    7. Allen Wrench

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