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SVBONY SV407 Super Wide Binoculars 2.1x42mm for Star Field observing and Theatre

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26°wide angle binoculars gather more light than our eyes, so it works better in observing the moon, constellations, Milky Way etc.

With a magnification of 2.1 times, you can observe not just the main stars in a constellation, but many you have probably never even seen before.

The fully multi-coated objective lens ensures high transmittance for a brighter and clearer aperture, and providing clear, detailed and high contrast images.

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Svbony SV407 Binoculars

Svbony SV407 Binoculars

SV407 Binoculars have Super Wide FOV 26°

Fully Multi-coated Optics of SV407 Binoculars

SV407 Binoculars have Individual Focus

SV407 Binoculars have IPX6 Waterproof

SV407 Binoculars Can Work with Filters

For Observing with or without Glasses

Mini-sized and Portable

SV407 Binoculas have UNC 1/4-20

Objects that can be observed through SV407

Scenes that can be observed through SV407

Specifications of SV407 Binoculars

Package Includes

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Model SV407
Magnification 2.1x
Lens Diameter 42mm
Eye Relief 9mm
Exit Pupil 19mm
Field Angle 26°
Inter Pupillary Distance 55 - 76mm
Apparent Visual Magnitude 9.88
Size of Thread M48*0.75
Lens Coatings Fully Multi-Coated

1. 9mm Eye Relief, comfortable observing, even with glasses

2. 26-Degree Super wide field of view - observe entire constellations

3. 42mm aperture and 2.1x magnification

4. like a pair of glasses that you can observe the star fields through

5. Standard 2-inch filter thread design. Cooperate with filter to use, the effect is better

6.With IPX6 waterproof, the binoculars adapt to most humid outdoor environment and let you enjoy the wonderful sky in the complex outdoor environment.

7.It works better with a pair of filters when observing the sky, the threads are M42*0.75 for connecting with 2” filter, for a better observation experience.

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