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Svbony Special Custom Coffee Mug for the 6th Anniversary

SKU: LP23022807
US$ 3.99

This coffee mug is our souvenir to celebrate the 6th anniversary of our brand. We hope it will be a nice gift to accompany you with our brand products!  

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On the front of the cup are our logo and the latest telescopes SV550 and MK105.
If you look closely, you can also see the Horsehead Nebula and the Rose Nebula. In our Facebook group, they are also the most shared nebulae! We want to share so much! But one cup cannot contain everything, so we chose the most representative things. There's also a little boy and a puppy on the moon, we hope you'll always be curious and have a happy mood, never give up the exploration of the sky and interest in astronomy, and get companionship and support while enjoying the fun. Whether it's family or pets, it's a wonderful thing to share or be with them when you capture a beautiful scene. Why a child? Because we believe that children are the most creative and curious, and so are those who love astrophotography. It is admirable and touching that some of you have been exposed to and fascinated by astronomy since childhood. And we're also happy to know that more kids are starting to have opportunities to have fun with astrophotography through our products. we hope you can maintain your childlike innocence and love for astronomical observation.
On the back is a complete set of SVbony products, Saturn and the Pencil Nebula. Saturn has always been loved by astronomy enthusiasts because of its fascinating Saturn rings. It is also one of the planets everyone likes to photograph. Then about the pencil nebula. You know, about 11,000 years ago, a star in the southern constellation Vela suddenly grew 250 times brighter than the planet Venus. The star was so bright that it could easily be seen during the daytime. Our early ancestors didn’t realize that they were witnessing a star larger than our Sun explodes in a powerful supernova blast.  Astronomers using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope probed a small piece of this region, dubbed the Pencil Nebula. It looks like a rippled sheet. And has a strong linear appearance. The Pencil’s shape suggests that it is part of the supernova shock wave of debris that recently slammed into a region of dense gas, causing the nebula to glow. As the shock wave travels through space, it rams into interstellar material.  We were inspired by one customer who captured the beautiful nebula by using the SV503 102ED telescope recently.
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