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SV164 Dark Filter for CCDs Camera 2 inch

SKU: W9124B
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  • Quickly capture dark frames to optimize photo quality; SV164 filter blocks all light from imaging camera sensors; help remedy camera noise and hot pixels; especially to ensure high-quality pictures in astrophotography
  • 2 inch standard filter; SV164 dark frame imagin filter size is 2 inches; you can freely match all your equipment that accept standard 2 inch filter
  • High-quality filter; SV164 dark frame imagin filter is made of metal; with black anodizing process on the outside; durable; no need to worry about fading and discoloration
  • High-quality packaging box; the enclosed foam-lined plastic box secures the dark frame imaging filter during transportation and storage
  • Various combinations; for example; the thread of the SV164 dark frame imagin filter can be directly connected to the filter wheel; Allows you to quickly switch between different filters; very convenient
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Model W9124B
Size 2 inch
Material Metal
Thread Standard M48*0.75
Type Dark Frame Imaging Filter
Thickness​ 1mm

1. Svbony Dark Frame Imaging Filter 2-Inch capture dark frames quickly to optimize photo quality

2. It can Easily eliminate camera noise and hot pixels, opaque filter blocks all light from imaging camera sensors

3. The 2inch Dark Frame Imaging Filter is threaded for direct attachment to filter wheels

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