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SV601 Microscope SV305 Astronomy Camera

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SV601 Microscope can work well with SV305 Astronomy Camera. you just need to use a 0.91” to 1.25” Adapter to easily connect. You can capture every detail of the specimen by Using SV305, the image is clear and sharp. Welcome to explore the micro-world with SV601 Microscope and SV305 Astronomy Camera.

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Model SV601
Optical System Finite Biological Microscope
Eyepiece WF10X WF20X
Objective 4X 10X S40X
Barlow lens 2.0X
Magnification 40X-1600X
Working Stage 90mmX90mm Square/Moving Scale/Disc Filters
Adjustment Coarse Focuser & Fine Focuser (dual knobs)
Illuminator Top/Bottom LED Lights,Uses 2xAA batteries (Not included)
Net Weight 1200g / 2.65lb
Item Size 155x110x290mm
Model SV305
Sensor 1/2.8" CMOS SONY IMX290
Pixel Size 2.9X2.9μm
Resolution 2 Mega Pixels 1920X1080
Shutter Electronic Shutter
Max FPS 130fps(320*240
ADC 12 bit
ROI support Any area ROI
On camera image buffer 128M DDR buffer
Optic window IR-cut filter
Interface USB 2.0
Net weight 125g
Material Aluminum alloy
Supported OS Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi
Power Consumption 200mA@5V
Working Temperature -0°C~45°C
Storage Temperature -10°C~60°C
Working Relative Humidity 20%~80%
Storage Relative Humidity 20%~95%

1, SVBONY SV601 can be used in conjunction with SVBONY SV305, the image is clear and sharp, and it is convenient to record every detail you need.

2, SVBONY SV601 and SVBONY SV305 only need a 0.91" to 1.25" adapter to connect easily.

3, There are two top and bottom LED light sources and 8 light levers on SVBONY SV601, you can adjust the brightness as needed.

4, In order to find the observation target conveniently, before using SVBONY SV305, you can first use the 10x eyepiece and the 4x objective lens, and use the two knobs to adjust the position of the slide to move the target to the center of the field of view.

5, Before connecting SVBONY SV305, you need to take out the 2X extender and 10x eyepieces from the microscope.

6, When adjusting the focus, please adjust the coarse focus wheel first. When the image is close to clear, use the fine focus wheel. At the same time, pay attention to the distance between the glass slide and the objective lens to prevent the lens from crushing the glass slide.

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