SV605 microscope (129.99$) + SV189 microscope camera (36.99$) = 129.99$

SV605 Microscope with SV189 Microscope Camera

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Model SV605
Optical System Finite Biological Microscope
Magnification 40x-1600x
Viewer Binocular
Eyepiece WF10x WF20x
Objective 4x 10x 40xS
Extender 2.0x (Built-in)
Observation tube/Head Binocular 45-degree tilt 360-degree horizontal rotation
Working Stage 90 mm x 90 mm Stage/Vernier Caliper/Disc Filter
Adjustment Coarse Focus & Fine Focus (dual knobs)
Illumination System Double LED Light Source/Uses 4xAA Batteries (Not included)
Net Weight 1700g / 3.75lbs
Size 185x140x290mm
Model SV189
Sensor 1/4" 1.3 million pixel CMOS
Static image resolution 1280*1024, 640*480, 320*240
Dynamic image resolution 1280*1024Pixels/24fps
Sensitivity 1.0V/lux-sec@550nm
Pixel size 2.8×2.8um
Spectrum response 400nm---1000nm
Shutter type ERS (electronic rolling shutter)
Frame rate 16 f/s @ 1280*1024
Image format JPG/BMP
White balance automatic/manual
USB Interface USB2.0
Applicable models SV601/SV605
Net Weight 90g / 0.2lbs
Item Size 16CM (Total length)
System compatibility MAC, Windows 


1. SV605 is a binocular microscope with a magnification of 40x-1600x times.

2. Equipped with interchangeable 10x widefield and 20x widefield eyepieces that can give you a clearer, brighter, and wider field of view.

3. The binocular observation head 45-degree tilt rotated 360-degree horizontal, can effectively reduce neck pressure.

4. The objective converter is equipped with three DIN achromatic objectives. Provides three magnification levels: 4x, 10x, and 40xS (spring). The 40xS objective is spring-loaded to prevent slide damage when focusing.

5. The focusing system has a coarse focus adjustment with rubberized knobs for a slip-free grip.

6. Use the mechanical stage, with mm stage divisions, the movement is more accurate, the solid-metal body is durable and resistant to stains and corrosion.

7. A six-color high-transmittance filter can according to different specimens to obtain a better observation effect

8. Equipped with an upper and lower LED dual illumination system and the upper and lower light sources can independently control the brightness of the illumination.

9. DC and AC double guarantee, without regional restrictions, easy to carry.


SV189 is a very cost-effective digital microscope camera. With a 1.3 million pixel CMOS, SV189 allows you to see more—capture still and video images of every details of micro world with your microscope. 

USB 2.0 cable is included, compatible with MAC OS10.5 and above, Windows Vista/7/8/10 (32/64 bit) operating systems. The easy-to-use software allows users to post-processing, providing multiple advanced functions like measurement, calibration, data export and others, perfect for home, co-op, or classroom use. It works well with SV601 and SV605 also.

Package includes a digital microscope camera , a microscope adapter, 1.5m USB 2.0 cable and software.

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